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  1. BK-tdm

    Bk's Stuff

    Well i mostly put them on status posts but some days they get buried quickly so i guess i can post stuff here too. Sadly i cant post a lot of my work here as we have to keep it... safe? :kaoswt2: Anyways, here are some of the things i can show:kaopride:
  2. BK-tdm

    Cant update/change avatar

    Been trying to no avail, tried on 2 different desktops and 1 mobile device, chrome and firefox, im constantly getting the "oops there was an error" and the new image never loads, and in the process i blew my old one :kaomad2: Gravatar works by the way but the site uploading doesnt.
  3. BK-tdm

    RMMV ⚙️ Mech Gears ⚙️ (Demo is out!)

    By: BK Gaming Studios Engine: RPGMV Genre: ARPG/Stealth Download Demo version 0.3.1 (Gdrive) Or check the page (Credits WIP will be adding to the list) Art Credits: Avery WhtDragon PandaMaru Plugin Credits: PhoenixKageDesu YanflyEngine Moogle_X Galv Hime SumRndmDude...
  4. BK-tdm

    Yanfly Item Core: Get amount of held items?

    One of the few problems i've ran with the item core plugin is that even if you cant buy stuff while your inventory is full you can still pickup items from chests/loot and bypass the item limit. Now if someone could please point me to a script call to get the current amount of items held (the...
  5. BK-tdm

    Greeting to everyone!

    Maybe a bit late and out of order, since i already started posting around on the MV support threads (the "must help" urges couldnt be resisted!) but anyways, glad to meet you all! (´・ω・`)/ I met RPG maker back when XP came out and i barely made a Golden Sun clone, just to test it, was a nice...

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Some WIP of Mist's newest sprites! Tutorials are awesome and very useful!

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