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  1. Dragon Brother

    The Clones wars continue

    Greetings Forumites, Fomar's Clone actor script, easily the most useful of the scripts CTB will be utilizing. that said, I have noticed that the program doesn't seem to recognize the presence of more than one clone, I have a system that changes the appearance of units that are equipped with...
  2. Dragon Brother

    RMVXA Rules of War in a world of Toys: International Law in Combat: Toy box

    Greetings Forrumites, As some of You know, I am working on a turn based strategy Game about Living toys set in a conflict with one another, today I have come to get Your opinion on a subject that has recently provoked a thought in Me, as I was working game mechanics I commented on several ideas...
  3. Dragon Brother

    Starting from absolute zero, is it possible?

    Greetings Forumites, I had a thought (No oddly enough it did not hurt.), is it possible to start a actor's level from zero?
  4. Dragon Brother

    Conditional branches in Battle

    Greetings Forums! I have run into a snag concerning conditional branches in battle, I am attempting to simulate exploding barrels in one of My games the conditional branches in question is freezing My play test; I am running vista steam version RPGmaker vxa with galv Animated battlers 1.2...
  5. Dragon Brother

    Holder Animated battlers in MV? is it more likely than I think?

    Greeting RPGM forrums, it has been a long time since I caught up with the forrums, I will get down to the point. I have a two concerns about MV which is the program I am planning on moving to, mostly because it seems to be the best to reach newer OS out there. 1. it only takes OGG files and I...
  6. Dragon Brother

    Friends on the otherside.

    Greetings RPGM Forums! I was continuing the daily struggle to grind out a proper game the other day in the background a friend of mine was playing FF9 on My PS3, and doing exceptionally badly as She was at the part where the Protagonists had to save the Princess from the Prison cage in the Evil...
  7. Dragon Brother

    Problem making Your own map tile sets? Well then You need these!

    Greetings Forrumites! I am here to contribute a new resource for the Forrum, if Your like me and want to make Your own map tileset and found Yourself staring down the Gordian knot with the prospect of knot being able to figure the system out, fret not! these will make that mass of code aligned...
  8. Dragon Brother

    Will it work, that is the question?

    Greetings RPGmaker forrums, I am hear to purpose a serious question plaguing what little remenents I have of a Mind. Will a game made on Vista with RPGM vx Ace be compatible with newer operating systems such as Win7, 8 or 10? I am eager to find out for certain and I am sure there is a...
  9. Dragon Brother

    Large animated battlers

    Greetings RPGM forums, I am here to inquire on Animated battlers, I am aware the size difference with actors and events and am curious about Animated battlers to, is there a way to make them larger? I really do not feel like making tanks the same size, that is just silly, I'm not interested...
  10. Dragon Brother

    Booby trap/Mine skill in battle

    Greetings RPGM Forums At the recommendation of Galv, I am here to formally make script requests, I have several that I would like anyone interested to post their going rate on this Topic. I am willing to pay, looking for the best deal and eagerly await Reply. Thank You for Your continued...
  11. Dragon Brother

    Your opinion is requested.

    Greetings, RPGM forums I am here to ask You, the forumites, what they would like to see in this project of mine, the Armymen Tactical Role playing Game, this is just a poll so please message me with Your opinion or ideas and when I get results, I will post them on My page here at the RPGM...
  12. Dragon Brother

    Making things happen if You Hit/Miss/Land critical

    Greetings, Scripters  I am looking for any willing to create a script that allows for special events that occur for hits misses and criticals during battle, I have previously posted similarly on the Assistance forum believing there was a way to do it without scripts just script calls, however...
  13. Dragon Brother

    making something happen if You miss

    Greetings, RPGM forums I have quite the conundrum on My hands, I am looking to create an event for hits and misses during battle, I have scoured the Ruby index in the contents on program, the master lists and script call database but I cannot find anything pertaining to a script call, as (to...
  14. Dragon Brother

    changing characters mid game.

    Greetings RPGM forums. I recently posted a update on My upcoming Armymen RPG, and stated a difficulty I was having, following a suggestion, I am here once again to ask if something is possible! (given the nature of Ruby, I'm certain there is, it depends on if someone found it yet) I am trying...
  15. Dragon Brother

    Camp woes

    I certainly hope I have the right forum here, if not, forgive My most sincere mistake. I am bringing up a subject that by now You may have anwsered but I was never able to get a clear method on, Campsite access/exiting, Now to be clear I have the variable formula down, to a fault, however...
  16. Dragon Brother

    Event touch activated Events

    Greatings fellow RPG maker gamers, I hope I'm posting in the right section for this. I am looking for a way to create a system were one event can be activated by another coming in contact with it I.E. Aevent walks onto trapdoor event and opens a trap door under it.   or Aevent runs...
  17. Dragon Brother

    Two Attack commands Light/heavy basic/alt

    Greatings fellow Rpg maker gamers, I am Dragon Brother, (not related to or to be confused with Littledrago or the Dragonborn) , I'll get right to the point; I'm looking for a way to create a seperate attack command allowing an alternate attack with equiped weapons in ACE without it being a...

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