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  1. BrotherKnight

    How to optimize the game?

    My recent games are real slow with 15 - 20 fps. Any tips on to optimize it?
  2. BrotherKnight

    (MV) I need a few sprites and tilesets

    I'm making a meme game and I need sprites and tilesets. I need a 1. Donald Trump Sprite and Battler - dark blue suit. big hair. when attacking physical, can you turn him into a wall he has to have the make america great again hat 2. Hillary Clinton Sprite and Battler - blue dress 3. Angry...
  3. BrotherKnight

    Can VXA create multiplayer games?

    If not, which RPG Maker can?
  4. BrotherKnight

    Do ya guys put cheat codes on your games?

    I plan to put in one for Patreons.
  5. BrotherKnight

    VXA Icon and Title Screen for my game

    Hiya! I'm in dire need of an Icon and a new Title Screen for my game. The game was made in VX Ace and the art form can be the artist's work or based on Mack's art. What I envisioned my icon to look like is a burning shield with 2 swords behind it with the letters TQZ and an arrow stuck to the...
  6. BrotherKnight

    Video before menu/title screen?

    How do I do it?
  7. BrotherKnight

    How do I make an item transport me, add a variable or something else?

    Does it require scripts and stuff?
  8. BrotherKnight

    Character Generator: Face clothings that show clevage?

    I basically have an actor that's pretty much a slut and tries to seduce the main. If anyone can suggest where I can get any clothing that shows clevage. Thanks
  9. BrotherKnight

    Mining system preview

  10. BrotherKnight

    Textbox shows up when a scriptcall is called from another script?

    I want to basically a text show up when a specific script call is called automatically.
  11. BrotherKnight

    RMVXA The Quest For Zelderon

    DISCLAIMER: I've done only three quests on this demo. I would appreciate your feedback and criticism on this. Please note that this is my first rpg. The Story Scripts Used Screenshots Download Link

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