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  1. Genii Benedict

    How do you stop a parallel process in events?

    I have a three-part door event, whereby I am trying to stop a parallel process on the first event page, and then, move on to the second event page when the player actions the door. I am using the 'walking animation' as a parallel process on the first event page, to show a 'force field' in front...
  2. Genii Benedict

    Simultaneous movement during events

    I'm having trouble trying to event the movement of multiple items at the same time. I'm trying to event a sort of 'conveyor system' of sorts, so I'll have multiple items that I would like to move, simultaneously, down a track. I've been successful in eventing a single item's movement - from X...
  3. Genii Benedict

    Experience Level 0. What game MUST I play?

    Ok, so in my quest to go commercial, my Wife has brought me to a sudden realization. I haven't played any commercial games. (Truth be told, I haven't played an RPG since the Ultima Series, unless you count Diablo I & II...) As such, I do not have any experience in playing the good, the bad...
  4. Genii Benedict

    Character Sprites in Layered Photoshop format?

    I have been to this link (|en&u= to generate Character Sprites, but was wondering if there might be a tool available which would work in Photoshop (.PSD) to create them, with additional...
  5. Genii Benedict

    Dark Voyage - The Series ... Prologue: "Cold Storage"

    In 2165, the Earth was dying. Overpopulation and global starvation had drained the planet of resources, and rampant industrialization left the land and waters scarred beyond repair. All of the Governments of the world joined together to create the Earth-One Coalition, a single Global...
  6. Genii Benedict

    Large Character Models

    This is probably a rookie mistake, but I've been through the search function, and I can't find information on how people make those larger character models overlap the message screens... Similar to the screenshot included in the spoiler tag. I've seen this done on numerous games, but couldn't...
  7. Genii Benedict

    Animating your own graphics

    I am completely and utterly 100% confused when it comes to animating my tiles. I will give you exactly what I have done, and hopefully, someone could point me in the direction of how to have this configured appropriately. I have drawn my "force field" image (32x64) and have copied it across...
  8. Genii Benedict

    Change Title Screen (New Game, Continue, Shutdown) Options

    Hi all, I've searched all over the place for the ability to change the title screen options, and I'm at a loss. What I'm looking for is the ability to gain more control over my title screen, and change the text, placement, fonts and colours for the "New Game", "Continue" and "Shutdown"...
  9. Genii Benedict

    What do you think about an episodic/MMORPG-like/patched RPG game?

    I like the idea, conceptually speaking. I think that as long as each chapter/release doesn't feel incomplete, then there should be a good feeling of success. You should focus on making the game sections 'end with a bang', so that players aren't feeling like they're entering the land of "insert...
  10. Genii Benedict

    Expanding Search Functionality

    When I attempt to search for specific acronyms (for example, I recently searched for "HUD" under the scripting sections) the site says that the search term is too short, being only three characters in length. Is there a way to remove this limitation? A lot of people use acronyms for important...
  11. Genii Benedict

    Popularity and Platform

    Hi All, I'm pretty new here, so I'll apologize if this is commonly known information. (I don't know how much longer I'll be able to go to the well with this explanation for my noob questions, but hopefully, it works this time.) I guess my first question is, "can RPGMaker VX Ace games be...

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