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  1. Ocedic

    Weird Chrome popup when launching game

    This seems like a longshot but figured I'd ask for help here. I've been working on a new project and getting my scripts set up. I'm using Yanfly's scripts but for some inexplicable reason when I playtest now this weird Chrome thing pops up. I tested in deployment and it seems to happen there as...
  2. Ocedic

    RTP Style/Edit Portrait Request for Mack Sprite

    Hello! I'm currently looking for an RTP-style portrait of an NPC in four different colors (for a bit of NPC variety.) Here are the four variations: Basically blond, dark brown, red and chestnut. Here's an example that a friend made for the smaller boy NPC: The colors would be preferably...
  3. Ocedic

    Cocodoco Resource Commercial Terms

    I'm wondering if anyone knows whether Cocodoco's resources (particularly the FSM ones) are available for commercial use. The resources are found here: The terms are linked in the sidebar. Any assistance is much appreciated.
  4. Ocedic

    OC Audio Encryption

    Script: OC Audio Encryption Version: 1.0 Author: Ocedic Introduction Whoa, it's been a long time since I've posted a script. Audio encryption for RPG Maker VX Ace! This script will encrypt your audio files and decrypt them during play. Instructions All instructions are found in the...
  5. Ocedic

    OC Motion Battle Camera

    OC Motion Battle Camera Version: 1.7 Author: Ocedic, KMS Introduction This is an adaptation of KGC's Motion Battle Camera, which adds a moving camera that follows the flow of battle. I used a lot of code by KMS, but made my own modifications to get it working in Ace. Screen Shots...

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