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  1. BCj

    Who made these?

    I was recently going through my Mack sprite folders, and I found that this one lacks credits. Any clue who made them? (yes I badly resized them just in case)
  2. BCj

    No pop-ups when party heals via skill

    I have a skill that attacks all enemies and heals all allies based on the damage healed. While the skill works, the pop-ups for the healing do not: they only show on the character that used the skill, but not on the rest of the party, leading my players to think that the skill didn't work. Is...
  3. BCj

    Chance to get back up (instead of K.O) increased by LUK stat?

    So, I have a sort of "guts" system in my game. When my character's hp reaches 0, there's a small chance (10%) of getting back up. I have coded this with a common event that runs when character hp is 0. Basically it runs a variable, it randomly selects a number between 0-100, and if the number...
  4. BCj


    So, I recently started diving into documenting everything in my game, and so far everything I have is commercially allowed. But now I stumbled upon a roadblock.. Fonts. I found out that one I was using isn't able to be sued for commercial, the terms were clear. So that needs to be replaced. For...
  5. BCj

    Memory Leak

    So, based on mithran's error script I've been having a memory leak in my battle scene for a while. At first I didn't really notice, but in a battle with 3 or more enemies it gets quite noticable (especially if it goes on for a while), at times there's a small few seconds delay before an...
  6. BCj

    Horizontal Menu problem.

    So I'm using a horizontal menu. However, I have an issue with it. When I go to the end of my selection (game end, which is say, index 10) it won't go back to index 0 (items) when I press right. If I put my menu back to vertical, everything works fine. (when pressing down, it goes back to index...
  7. BCj

    Script port VX -> VX Ace

    So I was wondering if anyone could perhaps port this script over: I know there's BM status extended that looks like this, but it requires his core script which well.. bugs my whole game out...
  8. BCj

    Can't get Lunatic States Addon to work

    So, I've recently added this script to my game: However, when I add <thorn_percent 10%> to my state, nothing happens, not even in a blank setup. I thought I set it up right though, I pasted it in the Lunatic States page like so...
  9. BCj

    Unjumble a script please

    Hi! I found a battle symphony addon by Selchar, but the text is all messed up. Here it is: And this one also, please...
  10. BCj

    Damage Pop-Up problem Luna

    So, I decided to re-add this to my project since it's more versatile than the normal pop-up. However, all my "Miss" tur into "M" and my "Evasion" into "E". If I put it directly under Battle Engine all text returned is "Null" Anyone had the same problem?
  11. BCj

    FREE Beta testers required for Escalia

    In 1630, the continent of Escalia was cast into turmoil when high king Alexis the Third was betrayed by his most trusted advisor Caelmor. Eventually the Caelmor's reign of terror was put to an end by Olivia Corin and her fellow heroes. The story of Escalia starts 21 years after Caelmor's defeat...
  12. BCj

    Hide skilltype in battle until unlocked, but show it in the menu

    Hi! So I have a stealth skilltype for my character. As it works now, whenever player uses "Dusk Cut" skilltype Stealth is activated in battle. Normally it isn't shown. However, in that case it won't show up in the menu. If I add skilltype Stealth to my character itself, then it is not disabled...
  13. BCj

    Visible Encounters and the Worldmap

    So, my game Escalia has it's encounters visible on the maps, instead of random encounters. However, I started working on the worldmap and just realised that visible enemies on the worldmap might look.. quite weird, and possibly, a major lagfest. How would you tackle something like that?
  14. BCj

    Script edit

    Hi! I'd like to ask for another script edit. This might be a bit of a stretch, but I am currently working on implementing a codex into my game (still need to fix some stuff to make it look better). But here is what I am running into: 1. There's no scroll down for more info in either the...
  15. BCj

    Can't run VX Ace twice

    So, I got a new harddrive and reinstalled steam and VX Ace. And suddenly I can no longer launch VX Ace twice, because steams says it's already running. How can I solve this? I can't copy paste things anymore from project to project and it's highly annoying..
  16. BCj

    Script Edit VX Ace

    Hi! I wanted to ask for a script edit. I am using Tsukihime's large choices, and thanks to my portrait system I can have choices show up in the textbox instead, like so: However, when I have more than 4 choices they drop out of the textbox. I...
  17. BCj

    Script port request (VX -> VX Ace)

    Hi! I found a script which lets your battlebacks be maps instead, hence they can be animated without using an animated battleback script. I was wondering, could anyone port it to VX Ace? It's located here: Thank you!
  18. BCj

    AD Jungle waterfall

    So I bought AD jungle a while ago but recently started using it, and I'm having a hard time animating the waterfalls. The normal options (walking/stepping animation on) doesn't work. How can I animate them? Tried to fiddle with the custom routine and the speed settings, but it either moves way...
  19. BCj

    Script compatibility

    I was rummaging through some of my scripts and stumbled upon a demo of this one: However when I added YEA Message System to the demo, it crashed: I think it has to do with the namebox. Any clue how to fix...
  20. BCj

    Need help with this script

    Hi! I was fiddling with some Japanese scripts and I found a pretty nifty encyclopedia script which I'd like to tinker with. I managed to get the base scripts to work - the 3 characters are shown, however the...

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