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  1. The007who

    How do you come up with character names?

    The title explains itself. What's your method to create names for your characters? Do you first create your character's bio first, and then come up with a name that fits the character? Or, you use random name generator programs?
  2. The007who

    Get RPG Maker on Steam

    Hi all! I've googled quite a bit for this but I just can't find a solution, if there is one. It's simple, I was just wondering since I have a copy of Rpg Maker Vx Ace from the official website, could I get a copy from Steam? Thank you in advance
  3. The007who

    Message Pause Cursor for VX ACE

    Hey all! I saw this thread for MV made by HimeWorks I was just thinking if someone could make one for VX ACE to add to my project. :) EDIT: Well the option that I would need is to position the pause icon at the ending...
  4. The007who

    ANY items in the inventory?

    Hi all, is there a way to check if the player has ANY items in the inventory? Something like a script line in a conditional branch?
  5. The007who

    Not showing Japanese alphabet...

    Hey! This is occuring... In the red circle there's supposed to be japanese alphabet writing. Though it shows those 'boxes'. I've even tried changing the system locale to Japanese but still shows this :| And this shows on the default message box as well. Please help Thank you
  6. The007who

    VX ACE STRIPPER - remove unused files from your VX Ace project

    Hey guys! :) This is not 100% a request but I was just asking... Do you people know if there's a script like the MVStripper but for VX Ace? MVStripper: If not can one of you guys make...
  7. The007who

    Sprite Sheet Glitching?

    Hi guys! My sprite sheet has been glitching :(
  8. The007who

    Don't know how to use SES External text :(

    Sorry guys for my stupidity... But I just don't understand how to use SES External text :kaoback: I have read the guide on the original thread, but I just don't get it :kaodes: Please someone help me :kaoswt:
  9. The007who

    FREE In need for voice actors and some translators for a telltale type game :)

    Hi it's The007who here, and I'll go straight to the point. I haven't come up with a name for my game yet... DESC: You are Jeff Brant, a 50 year old detective. 10 years ago there was a big car accident. Selina Devins has died and the only possible culprit is Kyle Devins. Investigate with your...
  10. The007who

    HI THERE! :)

    Hi, this is The007who and I wanted to make this thread just to say....HI!! Some people may already know me, but just wanted to say hello to the people who didn't ;) HI!! Me.
  11. The007who

    Wolf RPG Editor...

    Hi again! So, in these few months, I've been playing around with WOLF RPG EDITOR... Link: There's just a question that I need to ask... Is there a way to change the show Text animation? To be more specific more like Wolf Rpg editor. In Rpg maker Vx ace the...
  12. The007who

    Telltale Type Choices

    Hi! So, I've been thinking... ...could any of you guys make a simple script along these lines? You have been given 4 choices and under there's like a bar that will run out between 5 or 8 seconds. If you didn't pick in time it will make a random choice for you. There's normally 4 choices but...
  13. The007who

    Community resources used out RPG Maker

    HI! I've been wandering... I know this is kinda of a weird question but I'm going to ask anyway... Can I use community resources with NON-Rpg maker software? Stuff like sprites, tilesets, etc. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum, I couldn't really tell where I should have posted...
  14. The007who

    Not used files?

    Hi there, I was just thinking... ...Is there was a way to 'leave out' some not used files in the compressed game? I know this is a weird question, and I understand if there isn't a way other than removing it manually... But anyway, thanks for reading. -The007who
  15. The007who

    Galv's Region effects glitching??

    Hi, so I was basically using Galv's region effects and it would start glitching(I think)with modern algebra - fix picture and yanfly - parallax lock. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks for reading. -The007who
  16. The007who

    Change .exe icon

    How do you change the icon on the .exe file? Here's what I mean. Thanks in advance -The007who
  17. The007who

    No animation in show choices?

    Hello! Is there a way of cancelling the animation when it shows text or show choices? And by that, I mean when it shows text it would instantly appear? Do I have to have a script? Or is there already a script call in the engine? Do I have to change the Window Graphic? Thanks in advance...
  18. The007who

    Have to buy software again?(RMVXAce)

    Hi there, so I just changed computer and I wanted to Download RMVXACE from the official website, but when I logged in it would ask me to buy the program again. I did buy the program on my last computer, downloaded the installer and everything... But now with my new computer when I head to the...
  19. The007who

    The Witch's House Style?

    Hi there, I'm doing a game with cool puzzles, but I wanted to know how to do like when the player selects an item in the menu a desired place it would do something but I don't know how to do that. Like in the famous game "The Witch's House" Script would be better ;) . Thanks in advance...
  20. The007who

    No update?

    Hi there, I've been wondering why my RPG Maker is not updating. Because I saw on YouTube videos that there was a new icon next to the playtest one(a gear icon). I tried updating the software but it wouldn't work. I need help Thanks in advance -The007who

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