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  1. Kingkoala

    RMMV Olivia OTB + YEP X Actor Party Switch WAI?

    Hey wondering if someone could help me out. These two plugins are listed as compatible but I am wondering if they are not working as intended for me. When I switch a character the turn order doesn't adjust accordingly. 1st: the Turn order Icon does not switch to the new actor. The...
  2. Kingkoala

    RMMV Unique Enemy Names JS Override (A, B, C, D)

    Hi, I just came back to a project after a hiatus and my MV updated and it reset the edits I made to the .js to remove the "unique enemy names (A,B,C,D) etc for duplicate battlers Now for the life of me I cannot figure out how I got rid of them the first time. I've removed "...
  3. Kingkoala

    Olivia OTB + YEP Battle Crash

    cannot read property "push" of undefined I was wondering if someone more versed could help explain this crash to me. Happens when a battle starts, even in Troop battle test. doesn't always happen maybe 20% of the time. Sometimes can F5, sometimes have to restart. is this a bug, a load...
  4. Kingkoala

    EnemyBook Order Display

    Is it possible to reorder entries in the EnemyBook or can they only show in the order of the database?
  5. Kingkoala

    KELYEP DragonBones Integration & Actor Implementation II (Inconsistent Animation)

    I couldn't find a thread on this specifically. i am using copy pasted data from a Demo project for testing. I'm having an issue where In a mirror match of the same Dragonbones chartacter SV Battler Vs Actor using the same notetag. My Actor fully animates with no additional assistance, where my...
  6. Kingkoala

    KELYEP DragonBones Integration & Actor Implementation (Flipping Graphic)

    Hello, I Have a hopefully simple question when using a DragonBones Enemy asset with an Actor and directly copying notetags what would be the easiest way to flip the textures and animations so they are facing the correct direction? Not facing the same way as the enemy is. Can this be done...
  7. Kingkoala

    Yanfly AI Core, Enemy Battler, "User State Check"

    Hey I'm trying to set up an AI Eval Where the enemy will check itself for a state and if they have that state they will use a certain skill. I've gotten to a note tag of: Eval user.isStateAffected(x) === Skill, Target and maxed out the AI lvl, but it doesn't seem to...
  8. Kingkoala

    Yanfly's Animated Side View Enemies Using Wrong (Attack) Animation

    Hello, I'm having an issue with the Enemy Battler animations at first I though the Attack animation wasn't working but after a little tweaking of the sprite sheets the Battlers seem to use the "Use Skill" Frames Rather than "Swing/Stab/Shoot" Frames. EDIT: This is presumably because they are...
  9. Kingkoala

    Transform A Dead Or Appear Halfway Enemies?

    Hey I'm playing around with tranforming enemies in battles in increase the variety of enemies in a given battle. So far it seems like you can only transform an enemy into another once they have "appeared". Wondering if it is possible to transform a "Dead" enemy or an enemy still in the "appear...
  10. Kingkoala

    Yanfly's Buffs & States + Yanfly's Battle Status Window, Status Icon Duplication?

    Hello, Back again with another Yanfly's greenhorn usage question that I can't figure out on my own. I'm using Buff and States Core and recently installed Yanflys Battle Status Window. Since then I have now have the Icons for States being applied to my actors showing twice on the screen. Once...
  11. Kingkoala

    Animating Front View Battlers with Yanfly's animated SV enemies plugin?

    Can someone please clarify this post alittle bit for me. Possibly explaining the process of how/if its possible to animate front view battlers using Yanfly's SV animation plugin by associating sprite sheets to static battlers? Even if its only 3 frames i'd like to know how to set this up and...

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