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  1. RMMV In-game database/archive plugin.

    Very close to what I want to do, but it's not possible to use pictures in it as that's the main thing I want to do. I'm going to go with ShadowDragon's suggestion and try out YEP_QuestJournal and see if that works.
  2. RMMV In-game database/archive plugin.

    Sup, I'm looking for a simple plugin to use for my game. I already tried searching everywhere I could but haven't found nothing of what I am looking for. Basically, I'd like to add an in-game database for my game, where the player can read on lore, characters, enemies (I don't like the official...
  3. Event Chase player

    How did you do it? I'm trying to figure it out myself.
  4. Yanfly's YEP_CoreEngine. Display "Current/Max" item in both Shop (Buy/Sell) and Inventory Menus (RMMV)

    HAHAHA YES!!! Thank you!!! Works like a Charm! You get a free copy of my game (Whenever I'm done with it).
  5. Yanfly's YEP_CoreEngine. Display "Current/Max" item in both Shop (Buy/Sell) and Inventory Menus (RMMV)

    Yes, that's correct. I got the max items working, that part is extremely simple. Yanfly's Core_Engine allows you to do that by putting <Max Item: X> in an object's notetag to add a limit to it. What it doesn't do is display the max amount the player can hold of that item. For example. Instead...
  6. Yanfly's YEP_CoreEngine. Display "Current/Max" item in both Shop (Buy/Sell) and Inventory Menus (RMMV)

    @Shaz Excuse me, since you solved a similar problem a while back for a VX Ace user, maybe you help me on this one, please?
  7. Yanfly's YEP_CoreEngine. Display "Current/Max" item in both Shop (Buy/Sell) and Inventory Menus (RMMV)

    Sorry, it's kind of confusing to me what type of thread goes where on here.
  8. Yanfly's YEP_CoreEngine. Display "Current/Max" item in both Shop (Buy/Sell) and Inventory Menus (RMMV)

    So I'm using a function in YEP_CoreEngine that allows you to limit the amount of specific items that you can carry (<Max Item: x>), and I like this function a lot as it prevents spamming items or hoarding them. The problem is, it does not display the limit of how much of a specific item that you...
  9. Inventory Subsection Plugin

    For RPG Maker MV Before I actually make my request, I want to let you all know that I already know of Ryuk's Add Item type plugin and I am using it for my game, but what it's doing is not enough to do what I am requesting here. So I'm making a game where there are different types of items for...
  10. Sprited SV_Enemies

    @RavenBlackbird In your zip folder for the Succubus, you have the default sv battler the same as the black one, please fix it, thank you.
  11. Avy's MV Stuff

    Hello Avy, I love the resources you made, but I noticed one of your sprites in the animal section (The Swan) had it's left and right switched around, so I corrected it for you. :)
  12. Problem with ChangeWeaponOnBattle Plugin

    While this plugin is definitely much better and all, it allows you change every equipment type you have on you yet doesn't give you the option to restrict what types of armors you should not be allowed to change mid-battle. I want it to only be the Weapon and the Shield that you can change, not...
  13. Problem with ChangeWeaponOnBattle Plugin

    Do you know anyone who can help me with that? Would Yanfly herself help me?
  14. Problem with ChangeWeaponOnBattle Plugin

    I do need EquipCore, unfortunately. And yes, I tried placing the ChangeWeaponBattle plugin in numerous location, and it still does the same thing. Edit: I tried to see if the same glitch would occur between ChangeWeaponBattle and EquipCore in the test project I mentioned earlier, and it did...
  15. Problem with ChangeWeaponOnBattle Plugin

    FOUND THE CAUSE OF THE GLITCH! It's Yanfly's EquipCore! Whenever I have it on, it does the glitch where it goes to the weapon inventory instead of the shield inventory when trying to change the shield! So can I have a little help please? I need Equipcore, i don't want to get rid of it
  16. Problem with ChangeWeaponOnBattle Plugin

    Ok, a little update, I tried turning off some plugins to see if one of them was the cause, I turned off three of them, and the problem fixed itself. I turned off Ryuk_AddTypeItem, Yanfly's BattleEngine Core and EquipCore. And the problem fixed itself, so one of these three plugins is responsible.
  17. Problem with ChangeWeaponOnBattle Plugin

    Um, no. Should I? I just tested the plugin in a brand new project aside from my main one and it worked like a charm, so there must be something I'm doing wrong in my main one.
  18. Problem with ChangeWeaponOnBattle Plugin

    Apologies, but what did you mean by how I set it up? If it's how it's implemented in the plugin list, I have it like this. I am using RPG Maker MV version 1.6.1 by the way.

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