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  1. Daisetsu

    How to Publish an RPG Maker Game on Steam

    I have 2 questions: Can you release your game free on this way or is it only for commercial use? Is it a problem if include as example the rick and morty intro music from youtube or is it a copyright break? I mean i dont wanna make profit with these game so it should be ok or not? Second:Is it...
  2. Daisetsu

    Lighting and Time Editor - Continued!

    Nope, only you can do this in Edit Mode.
  3. Daisetsu

    thanks for following :)

    thanks for following :)
  4. Daisetsu

    Battle on Train and on Moving Platforms

    I already tried that, i dont get it work like it should :/. Thats why i thought maybe the plugin from Hime have some special command. Yeah maybe i should do that because i like that style alot.
  5. Daisetsu

    Battle on Train and on Moving Platforms

    Does somebody know which command exactly is need to scrooll like that? Could not find the orginal Scroolling plugin from hime. Tried with the SRD plugin but could not manage to do it. I mean how goes it up and down ?
  6. Daisetsu

    Choice Window Position

    Works like a Charm! Danke, daran hatte ich nicht gedacht. Simple und gute Lösiung. Thanks nochmal!
  7. Daisetsu

    Choice Window Position

    Is there a way to fix this? I want to make the windows position at the bottom. Thanks for the help!
  8. Daisetsu

    Windows 10 and Steam - Cant select anything

    Youre a Hero! Now it working again thanks for your help!
  9. Daisetsu

    how can the player create characters at the start?

    you could try that:,replaced%20with%20Character%20Creator%20EX! but only working with the standart mv char sizes.
  10. Daisetsu

    Windows 10 and Steam - Cant select anything

    I have real a problem... i bought a new computer because the old one not working anymore. This Pc is with Windows 10 and my Rpg maker MV is on Steam. Everyhting working fine no crashing nothing but i cant select anything. But its seems that all the charsets that are already set are working...
  11. Daisetsu

    Shenmue 2 Leaf Catching [MV]

    Yeah i wanted to make some sort of minigame like this. My first idea was maybe to this "press button if time is right thing" but thought maybe someone has a better idea, of course it does not must be 3d or something. And it dont must be 1:1 copy.
  12. Daisetsu

    Shenmue 2 Leaf Catching [MV]

    I wanna do something similar to the cherry blossom leaf catching in shenmue 2. Someone have i idea, how to do it? Normaly i do stuff like this myself by scripting it with switches and variables but i dont have any real good idea how to to this here.
  13. Daisetsu

    I am searching for some Gym Equipment

    Somebody know where to get some tiles or charsets? cant find anything. I mean things like treadmill, weight bench, etc. thanks for the help.
  14. Daisetsu

    RMMV Yomi No Kuni

    Wow, this is looking insane!
  15. Daisetsu

    Mogs Title Screen Himawari - Add Layer

    Is there a Way to add Layer (Picture - Non-Animated)? I tried with Mogs Titlelayer but then the Layer is over the Himawari Char Pictures etc. I wanna add a Picture between Hinmawari and the Titlename . Edit:Here is the link to the plugin ->...
  16. Daisetsu

    Attributes only for the next Battle

    I dont wanna use the item on the menu. So i tried the other way, good idea! This worked for me with switches. Thanks you mate!
  17. Daisetsu

    Attributes only for the next Battle

    Someone does know how to this? If i use certain item, this item should only push the life for example for the next battle. (But you must use the item before the battle!)
  18. Daisetsu

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Has someone a few good hand to hand combat attacks to share? would be very cool, dont have time to make everything myself
  19. Daisetsu

    [TAB] The Tall Adult Body Generator Project (V0.9 Beta released)

    Youre a Genius. Real cool to see a Update. I have generatet already more then 100 Characters and its looking awesome. This Prpject should have alot more attention...
  20. Daisetsu

    Vibrato Autobattle Style

    Good idea, i will do that.

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