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  1. Rink27

    Weird Array Pop() Behaviour

    I've been working on a plugin I created and noticed something odd. The following is a representation of piece of my code: var array = $gameVariables.value(x); var array2 = $gameVariables.value(y); // x and y were given the same values //EDIT: I meant x and y represent different numbers, but...
  2. Rink27

    How to identify current Version (MV)

    For the longest while I've been thinking "I'd have to update to and check out Version 1.5". Unless I forgot, I don't think I ever updated MV beyond version 1.3. However, when I check Help > About, it lists "Version 1.5.0". I'm confused because I don't have automatic updates enabled via Steam...
  3. Rink27

    Auto Shadow Tiles via Region ID

    Hello. I am trying to figure out - as close as possible - if it is possible to have a dynamic shadow system that varies using a variable (example: time) based on the shadow pen tool we have within the editor. From this thread...
  4. Rink27

    Obtain Event's Sprite Filename

    Is it possible to retrieve an event's current sprite filename? (such as "Nature", "Evil", "Monster", etc) [and also its sprite index number] Something like: $[this._eventId].spriteFilename (above doesn't work)
  5. Rink27

    How to wait/pause until [...]

    Hi. Is it possible for us to pause at a particular part in code until another condition becomes true? Or alternatively, prevent the playable character (and potentially other events) from moving until another condition becomes true? For example: > Text: Hello > Change Variable 2 = 10 > Wait...
  6. Rink27

    Obtaining $gameMap event note property?

    I can utilise... if (~$[id].note.indexOf("")) { } within a for loop like... (var id = 0; id < $; id++) to find a specific event within a map. However, added events (such as spawned events via Galv's plugin) aren't part of $dataMap and this method cannot work...
  7. Rink27

    Get Location Info Priority

    Hi. I have a scenario where two events can exist at the same location (not by default/initially) and I'm trying to use Get Location Info to identify the ID of the second event that is placed at this location. However, I have discovered Get Location Info prioritises the "earlier" event. In...
  8. Rink27

    Question: Output Console Log Copy

    Hi. Personally, I don't really like the thought of burdening someone with making a plugin for me, so I'm first asking to see if anything similar exists and hopefully if someone can explain how difficult or easy it can be to achieve? (I haven't find anything like a plugin for this) Currently I...
  9. Rink27

    Adding colour to Console.log

    Is it possible? For example: console.log("\C[10]Test"); outputs Test in the relevant colour. Or is there any other way to make certain console logs to stand out more besides you being creative?
  10. Rink27

    Move Route Core (Yanfly) issue?

    The skip utility in move routes cannot skip scripted commands via Yanfly's Move Route Core plugin. Link for plugin: I've taken a screenshot of a test to demonstrate my problem. I am testing in a scenario where the player would...
  11. Rink27

    Obtain Audio Filename

    Hello. Is there a script command that can return the filename of the currently playing bgm/bgs/me? Edit: I'm aware of $ but there are songs that would not be called through map properties.
  12. Rink27

    Obtain current tint's RGBG values?

    Is there a way to obtain the current screen tint's red, blue, green and grey values? At any point in time I'm curious in retrieving these values and storing them into 4 variables so they can be referenced elsewhere.
  13. Rink27

    Item Core & Skill Cost Compatibility [Yanfly]

    Yanfly's Skill Cost Item ( ) allows you to have items be used as a skill resource. Yanfly's Item Core ( ) allows for various features, one being able to have independent items. The skill cost...
  14. Rink27

    Game Data (Control Variables) Script Commands?

    1) Is there a list of the script commands for each of the game data options under control variables, such as item possession count, etc? 2) Or even beyond what control variables offer? Having a list of most, if not all, of these ($gameParty, $gameActor, .numItems, etc) script commands...
  15. Rink27

    Customize Skill Names?

    Is it possible to customize the name of skills within the skill database? For example: * Being able to use message commands (By default not available) to edit the colour of a skill's name. * Similarly to above, referencing names of other items/variables such as \i[3] or \v[3] (This skill's name...
  16. Rink27

    Change Action Target to opposite unit?

    How can I change an action's target to the opposite side? I have a state that can change the current action's target to a different one (It would randomly select a correct index. So if the player selected the enemy with index 1, it can randomly target the enemy with index 3). My challenge is...
  17. Rink27

    Yanfly's STB Battle System problem?

    Link to plugin: I'm experiencing a few weird problems that I'm unable to narrow down the cause to. I'd try to explain, but it is difficult for me to share my project, so it is only fair of me if I ask if...
  18. Rink27

    Disabling Floating (Yanfly's Animated Battlers)

    Yanfly's plugin: enable enemies to have a floating property where they levitate up and down in the air. This is defined via <Floating> within the enemy's note tag. I'm trying to figure out a way to temporarily/permanently disable...
  19. Rink27

    How can I: Implement Battle Ground Layers?

    Hello. I'm interested in displaying various images below battlers, but above the "ground" (or battleback images) during battle. Soul did a plugin that could achieve that, but he no longer supports it (and it gives me errors when used). Does this require scripting? Or can such a thing be...
  20. Rink27

    Force a missed attack

    Hey, is there a script command to force an (incoming) attack to miss? I've seen these threads:

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