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  1. Maintaining Quality

    I think one of the most important things in making a game is story, lore, and characters. And how I make all of that is that I look at other sources. Every great story had inspiration, take game of thrones for example George R.R martin took inspiration from the war of the roses a real medieval...
  2. Layering

    Thanks I got it today so I am new.
  3. Layering

    well I am trying to make a map but I couldn't move so I assume it is a layering issue. So please comment down bellow and try to help me if you can.
  4. Recomemded world map size

    That is a great point. I would much rather play a ten hour game with good story and characters than an hundred hour game with about 70 of those hours being grinding. A good story and characters leave more of an impact than a long game.
  5. December Goals & Progress Thread

    Well I am in the early development with my lore and world I have a world ma but I don't know were the geography or towns would go. I also might be helping Cinnamon roll dev with his lore.
  6. Hello

    well hello I came here due to my friend cinnamon dev asking me to join. So far I have only hade about 21 hours so I am relatively I use rpg maker xp because my friend said it was the easiest to use for beginners. But I am pretty ambitious my world is inspired by dragon age, lord of the rings A...

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--- Minimum Requirement ---

M.Knight: Phew...finally,i got the New Game. Let's check the Requirement
"Minimum Requirement:
  • 2.00 Ghz CPU
  • Full HD Support GPU
  • 5GB Memory"
M.Knight: I just have decent Gaming PC,i can play 2010-2015 Games. Hope it's okay
(1 Hour Later,The Game FPS Just Got 10-20)
M.Knight: (Facepalm)
Next goal is to make pull & push + lift & throw systems with mouse support and have skill levels in them and action indicators!
>What's your avatar about? Is it yours?
I did not do that drawing. It's a screenshot taken from a comic featuring characters from Touhou such as Tenshi and Iku (the girl in the avatar). It's drawn by someone under the name of Yohane.
Link to the comic (SFW, but navigating around Dynasty Reader is NSFW)

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