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  1. Taireaah

    Hi I am new on RPG Maker MV

    Hi! First things first, my name is Riya (Pronounced ree-yuh) but I go by Tai on here just for funsies (either works though). I just got RPG Maker MV during the last steam sale (like a week ago) and I've already sunk over 60 hours into it! (A number that probably seems tiny compared to those...
  2. Taireaah

    Yanfly Message Core plug in partially works

    Hello, A few days ago I downloaded the Yanfly Message Core plugin (as well as the other core plugin thing) and for the most part it works (from what I've used). My problem is that, while the commands like \n<x> \N[] and \. work for some reason the command for coloring words \c[x] does not. It...
  3. Taireaah

    Title font change worked and then not?

    Hello, I recently tried changing the font of my overall game using the method that driftwood games on Youtube showed me. Initially this worked well and I was super happy to have one more thing I could customize, however, just a day later the font reverted back to what it was. In that time all...
  4. Taireaah

    Yanfly Main Manager Menu Plugin Name Box Command Not Working

    Hello! As I am sure you have guessed (judging from what may be a really simple/ dumb question) I am very new to using RPG Maker MV and also any form of plugin and java script etc. My question currently is: How do input name boxes into the game (especially for NPC's that aren't a part of the...

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--- Minimum Requirement ---

M.Knight: Phew...finally,i got the New Game. Let's check the Requirement
"Minimum Requirement:
  • 2.00 Ghz CPU
  • Full HD Support GPU
  • 5GB Memory"
M.Knight: I just have decent Gaming PC,i can play 2010-2015 Games. Hope it's okay
(1 Hour Later,The Game FPS Just Got 10-20)
M.Knight: (Facepalm)
Next goal is to make pull & push + lift & throw systems with mouse support and have skill levels in them and action indicators!
>What's your avatar about? Is it yours?
I did not do that drawing. It's a screenshot taken from a comic featuring characters from Touhou such as Tenshi and Iku (the girl in the avatar). It's drawn by someone under the name of Yohane.
Link to the comic (SFW, but navigating around Dynasty Reader is NSFW)

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