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  1. Soatz

    New Years RESOLUTIONS Problem T___T

    Hello dear friends, even if many people like the new HD 48x48 tiles, I’m very tight to old fancy graphics, with 16x16 tiles! I’m trying to make a game with extremely low resolution,similar to old SNES cool rpgs (about 256x224! Awhwawhahwah terrific isn’t it? ^^) I’ve faced some problems...
  2. Soatz

    Little sound pack, happy 2016!

    Hello dear friends, i've made a special little sound pack for menus :D Hope you find them useful ^_^ You are free to use them for commercial and not commercial releases! Have Fun :) Luca Soatz Fx Pack 1.rar
  3. Soatz

    Problem with tiles dimension ≠ 48x48

    Hi guys,  i tried to use some 16x16 tiles but the results were not that good :/ there are some few problems when you change the resolution accordingly to the new tile dimension, for example it's all blurred (probably it's caused by the shader or the rescaling algorithm). Also the menu is...
  4. Soatz

    Final Fantasy 6 Essential Pack! WHO'S WITH ME? :D

    Hi guys, i wanna create an essential pack of final fantasy 6 for Rpg Maker MV! yeah, i know the copyright thing, but it will be here only for fun ^^ Hope you like the idea! Soatz

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--- Minimum Requirement ---

M.Knight: Phew...finally,i got the New Game. Let's check the Requirement
"Minimum Requirement:
  • 2.00 Ghz CPU
  • Full HD Support GPU
  • 5GB Memory"
M.Knight: I just have decent Gaming PC,i can play 2010-2015 Games. Hope it's okay
(1 Hour Later,The Game FPS Just Got 10-20)
M.Knight: (Facepalm)
Next goal is to make pull & push + lift & throw systems with mouse support and have skill levels in them and action indicators!
>What's your avatar about? Is it yours?
I did not do that drawing. It's a screenshot taken from a comic featuring characters from Touhou such as Tenshi and Iku (the girl in the avatar). It's drawn by someone under the name of Yohane.
Link to the comic (SFW, but navigating around Dynasty Reader is NSFW)

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