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  1. Mihe

    What happened to RpgmakerWeb?

    Hello I apologize if this question has been asked already, but what happened to the rpgmakerweb site? It's changed. I can't login which means I can't download my paid items. I have a purchase of MV and cannot download it. Do I have to buy it all over again?
  2. Mihe

    SV Animation Help

    Hi I'm having trouble getting the enemy battler to properly animate. Here's what happens: I'm using these plugins in this order: This is the enemy's notetag: <Sideview Battler...
  3. Mihe

    YED sideview problem

    I tried using YED sideview plugin, but I believe I have done something wrong. The sheet is in the attachments. Here's what I set the actor's notetag to: <Sideview Battler: Carmilla_Walk> <Sideview Battler Frames: 6> <Sideview Battler...
  4. Mihe

    6 frame battler plugin

    What plugin can I use to increase the amount of frames for the battler? My battlers have 6 frame animations.
  5. Mihe

    damage mechanic

    How do you write a damage formula that makes it so you can never deal 0 dmg. You will always deal at the very least 1 dmg even if the target's defense is higher than your attack.
  6. Mihe

    Troops position help (again)

    Hello there. I'm using @LadyBaskerville 's EnemyPlacement plugin. I'm trying to configure the settings so that I can position the enemy troops at the top of this image here in the 3 areas. Here are the formulas: x position 16 + (troopSize + 2) * 32 - index * 32...
  7. Mihe

    Can only use x skill once

    This is probably very easy, but how do I build a skill so that it can only be used once per battle?
  8. Mihe

    Enemy position help

    Is there a way to position the enemy troops besides dragging them? Like X and Y coordinates?
  9. Mihe

    Remove Actors x through x [bulk remove]

    Is there a way to mass remove actors from your party instead of individually?
  10. Mihe

    Summon battler skill mechanic

    How can I create a skill that calls forth a battler into a current battle past the party member limit? I'm already aware of making a common event that adds an actor to your party and putting that common event into a skill, but that is limited to your max amount of party members allowed in...
  11. Mihe

    YED_SideviewBattler.js help

    I've installed Yami's Sideview Battler plugin, but there doesn't seem any directions or anything. Not sure why nothing is showing up for.
  12. Mihe

    Yanfly Battle Engine Core problem

    I started a new project. In the new project I did not add any extra plugins except for VE Basic Module, VE Battler Graphic Setup, Yanfly Core Engine, and Yanfly Battle Engine Core. I did not input a notetag into the actor's notebox to make a custom battler via VE Battler Graphic Setup. Instead...
  13. Mihe

    Cannot read property 'actor 1' of undefined

    I'm getting this error when I try to run the game with VE's Battler Graphic Setup @Victor Sant @Yanfly Here is my notetag: My Battler is in the sv_actors folder. What exactly am I doing wrong?
  14. Mihe

    Change sv battler positions?

    Is there a way to change sv battler positions? When I use Yanfly battle engine core it only moves them as a vertical sv party. I want a horizontal sv party. Like this
  15. Mihe

    MP and TP bars

    Is there a way to get rid of them? I don't want them in my game.
  16. Mihe

    Critical Hit Damage multiplier

    Is there a way to modify the multiplier for the result of a critical hit? As it stands, from what I've tested on flat number values, A critical hit will do 3 times the damage or triple the amount of a non-critical hit attack. Is there a way to change that multiplier?
  17. Mihe

    Guard option

    How do I remove the Guard skill(?) from the battle options?
  18. Mihe

    I need help with parameter curves

    Hello. I am having trouble with the parameter curves within the rpgmmv database.  I want my characters to have more than 4 digits for their stats, but the database only allows me to enter 4 digits.
  19. Mihe

    how do i setup these skills?

    How would I go about setting up these skills? Skill 1 (Basic): Pinpoint Carefully aims at the enemy before shooting, giving you a 30% Critical Rate increase when you attack.   Skill 2 (Active): Bullseye Discovers the weak spots of the enemy and fires a single bullet dealing damage and...
  20. Mihe

    formula for stat multipliers?

    What would the damage formula look like for a stat multiplier? Example: "This skill does approximately 370% of the ATK stat - 20 damage before damage reduction"

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