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  1. redspark

    MZ PlayTest gives Random Crash or Blackout on Big Sur

    Hi, I know that there is a bug report for MV about this but MZ is doing the same thing on MacOS Big Sur. When I play test a room, it will randomly crash at different places within my game. Rarely, the whole app just disappears. But more often the window will simply go dark and nothing is...
  2. redspark

    RMMZ Question about Plugin/Engine Restrictions

    Hi, I already did a search for this but couldn't find what I was looking for (probably using the wrong keywords). Many moons ago, I thought I remember a discussion about how much of the engine code was allowed to be changed in MV or before. Are there any legal restrictions on the the engine...
  3. redspark

    Default Game doesn't Play on MacOS

    Hi, I have a MacBook Air running Big Sur and last night I purchased VN through Steam. After creating a project with the default game in it, I clicked the play button. It looks like it compiles but no game executes. I can build the game and then run the application which seems to work but the...
  4. redspark

    GameDevFort's Germania

    Hi, I purchased Pixel Myth Germania from Game Dev Fort back in the day and I normally purchase Non-RM licenses. I'm working on a Non-RM game and I'm interested in using this tileset. But I can't seem to prove whether I purchased a Non-RM license or not. The EULA is a bit vague and the...
  5. redspark

    Comic Bubbles

    I'm working on my first plugin for MV.  I have no idea what I'm doing but at least I'm trying. ;)  Below is the effect I'm going for.  It was done in Adventure Game Studio.  Once I get it working in MV, I will publish some screen shots. Currently the Help for the plugin reads as follows...
  6. redspark

    Finding an Event

    I'm attempting to write a Plugin even though I'm new to MV.  I want to be able to create a comic bubble over an Event.  I have created a plugin command called SAY whose first parameter is the name of the event.  However, I don't know how to find the event object that is associated with that...
  7. redspark

    Equippable Card Battle System

    This is a big request.  Attached is a PDF of a Battle System's set of rules that I ran across on a game mechanics website (link to the site is in the PDF).  This is a Equippable Card Battle System where the equipped items and class of the character (perhaps even race) gives a list of available...
  8. redspark

    Adventure Inventory

    I would like to create an adventure game with RPG elements.  Is there a plugin already or could someone make one to simulate an adventure game?  It would need: A background image instead of the normal window frame. Mouse interface Ability to mix items to form new items Items are shown by icons...
  9. redspark

    Community JGSS documentation

    Perhaps we could create a sticky thread in this forum that has posts to document the JGSS code.  There is next to nothing in the code and if every scripter who has written a plugin pitches in to document the classes/code that they know and understand (what the code is doing, how the JGSS works...
  10. redspark

    Making a custom Battle Script for MV

    Perhaps this can't be answered now due to NDA but later when MV is released this Friday.  I'm considering creating a Tactical Card-based Battle System.  However, I'd like to know how deep into the engine one has to go to decouple the current battle system and introduce your own.  What is...
  11. redspark

    Card Game Interface

    I'm considering using a card based game mechanic for combat and I have a Sci-Fi setting based around Ships and their crew.  If you like card based mechanics, do you like the combat interface to appear to be a card game (the interface looks like a table with miniatures and a card game playing on...
  12. redspark

    Combat Mechanics for Casual RPG

    I'm looking at creating a Sci-Fi RPG that involves Ship to Ship battles.    What is your preference for turn-based battle style? Traditional top-down turn based.  Player chooses action for each crew member based on their assigned station on the starship. Casual Match-3.  I kinda like this style...

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