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  1. Orgaya

    Looking to stream your RPGM games!

    I would be really appreciative if you checked out my RPG Maker VX Ace game, Geiken. Thanks!
  2. Orgaya

    How do I disable usage of a menu option without entirely removing it?

    "Change Formation Access" is what worked, and what I think I did for VX Ace. Thank you both for the suggestion. I will continue to facepalm because I had spent a few hours fiddling with the actual game scripts only to not see that such an option was available.
  3. Orgaya

    How do I disable usage of a menu option without entirely removing it?

    Let me know if I've formatted this wrong or placed this in the wrong area. What I am aiming to do is have the "Formation" option be greyed out as it is when you have no party members, but to continue to be so even with party members. Essentially, this will make it a useless menu option. I can...
  4. Orgaya

    Alpha ABS (MV) [New build 1232]

    Completely excellent plugin that I am having a lot of fun using and playing around with. Question, though - when you are using an Area Select skill, is it possible to change something in the script so that you can move while you are aiming?
  5. Orgaya

    Right Mouse Click Rebind

    With the help of LTN Games (hyperlinked) the issue has been solved. In case anyone wishes to know how to do this as well, here is how. In the rpg_core script, find: TouchInput._onRightButtonDown = function(event) { var x = Graphics.pageToCanvasX(event.pageX); var y =...
  6. Orgaya

    Right Mouse Click Rebind

    I am working with Alpha's ABS and wish to change the controls so you move with WASD (which I was able to change in the core script itself) and aim and use spells with the mouse. By default spells are allocated to the number keys. For spells that require aiming, pressing the number key...
  7. Orgaya

    Right Mouse Click Rebind

    Let me know if this is incorrectly placed or if something like this already exists. I attempted searching, but came up with no results that satisfies the criteria. Essentially what I am looking for is a plugin that binds a keyboard key to the right mouse button, so that instead of opening the...
  8. Orgaya

    RMVXA Geiken

    For a second I thought I was reading one of my many Tinder reviews.
  9. Orgaya

    RMVXA Geiken

    No no, you weren't. It was my mistake being too lazy to take the demo off. I sent you a message to apologize. I'd be appreciative if you would check the main game out if you aren't too put off by my blunder, haha. Thanks for checking out my game in any case!
  10. Orgaya

    RMVXA Geiken

    This was the demo, which I have now taken down since it is apparently bugged. Thank you for showing me this.
  11. Orgaya

    recommend me some rm games (that are both complete and free)

    I'd be appreciative if you checked out my game, Geiken. Thanks!
  12. Orgaya

    Padr81's Test Plays.

    Hey, I'd be appreciative if you checked out my game Geiken. Thanks!
  13. Orgaya

    Author and YouTuber

    Are you taking requests for LPs?
  14. Orgaya

    Erika's streaming RPGM games, again!

    The game is complete. I only had a demo up in case someone didn't want to download a gigantic file only to find that they didn't like it. I guess I can actually remove it, since all it amounts to is running around and smacking things. Thanks much, though!
  15. Orgaya

    Erika's streaming RPGM games, again!

    I didn't see anywhere in the OP to send you a PM if I want to pass on a request, so I'll post here. Let me know if it's wrong. I'd be happy if you could LP my game, Geiken. Thanks!
  16. Orgaya

    Looking for Rpg Maker games to Let's Play.

    Hello, I would love if you checked out my game, Geiken. Thanks!
  17. Orgaya

    Does anyone use FL Studio to make your game's OST?

    I tried a few times but... I suck at it. I'm guessing you tried free music sites? Or are you trying to go commercial?
  18. Orgaya

    RMVXA Geiken

    Is this promotion? Probably. If it's not allowed, feel free to warn me/delete this, mods. I posted it in the original thread, anyway.
  19. Orgaya

    RMMV The Halcyon Project Development Thread

    Like Geiken, the intention for The Halcyon Project is for it to stand up on its own and be enjoyed as a complete story. Story sequences will be connected by using mini sections aboard the Sheltera as a framing device, and enough will be provided to at least let newcomers understand what this...
  20. Orgaya

    RMMV Minimum Wage

    After having played an hour (demo), and having worked a minimum wage job, I can say with full accuracy that this game is 100% kind of not really anything like working a minimum wage job. It's more like a job that gives you a 50 cent raise but then they take it all away and hand you a box that...

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