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  1. Having multiple variant sprites of a single enemy type

    I want to have multiple variations for a single enemy type without having to make redundant entries in the enemies list. Is that possible using some sort of scripting in the base game, or with a plug-in? For example, I might have a sprite of a goblin and swap out a number of different weapons...
  2. Adding variable to map object

    This is a pretty simple question, I'm trying to learn javascript/RPG Maker MV and how the core of RPGMaker MV's objects are layed out. I want to add a 2D array to the map objects for my game. This array will store whether the player has walked on a given tile or not: when the player walks on the...
  3. Printing a Battle Message

    Hi -- using troop events, or however, how do I print a text message to the battle message crawl, the one that shows blow-by-blow what's happening in the battle? I have a monster that can spontaneously die at the end of a turn if certain conditions are met, and I want the message "XXX succumbs to...

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SF_People1_2 added!

--- Minimum Requirement ---

M.Knight: Phew...finally,i got the New Game. Let's check the Requirement
"Minimum Requirement:
  • 2.00 Ghz CPU
  • Full HD Support GPU
  • 5GB Memory"
M.Knight: I just have decent Gaming PC,i can play 2010-2015 Games. Hope it's okay
(1 Hour Later,The Game FPS Just Got 10-20)
M.Knight: (Facepalm)
Next goal is to make pull & push + lift & throw systems with mouse support and have skill levels in them and action indicators!
>What's your avatar about? Is it yours?
I did not do that drawing. It's a screenshot taken from a comic featuring characters from Touhou such as Tenshi and Iku (the girl in the avatar). It's drawn by someone under the name of Yohane.
Link to the comic (SFW, but navigating around Dynasty Reader is NSFW)

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