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  1. MV/MZ Dispensary Tiles

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV/MZ Art Style: MV RTP (MZ is a bit too saturated) Description: Ok, so I'm going to have two descriptions. A game description and a tile/request description. A lot of artist like to know what their artwork will be used for, and my game, like my request, is...
  2. [Suggestion] Webp Support

    Webp Support The ability to use webp images with windows/ mac os games. Web browser support can be added in the future if possible. Mockups: There isn't any work that needs to be done in the editor. It just needs to be able to recognize webp images the same way it does png. Why is this...
  3. Check if actor has equipment type equipped

    As the title says, I'm trying to figure out and see how to check if an actor has an equipment type equipped. I've been using the script call $[slot_id] == null; but either I'm not using it right or it's not what i'm looking for. The actual code I'm using in my...
  4. YEP Equip Requirement Help

    My game has a similar system to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system in Fallout. I'm trying to make is so that a character can't equip weapons/items unless their stat is high enough. I found a plugin that let me limit equipment by stats but there was no way to differentiate whose stats were checked so I...
  5. Invisible Character

    I'm not sure if this is possible but I want to make a character/sprite invisible. To clarify, I want the character and just the character to be invisible, but not the clothes. Think "The Invisible Man" or Invisible Girl from My Hero Academia. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about...
  6. Autosave Options

    My question is a bit subjective, but that's ok as I'm open to subjectivity... but uhm, what would you consider the most ideal method for autosaves? Currently I have my game setup to autosave on screen transitions, however, that's caused problems for players as my game is still in development and...
  7. Event activate another event on touch.

    I've looked around and seen a few things but nothing to do what I'm looking for. I didn't post this in plugin request because I might not need a plugin to do what I want, I didn't use plugins for the rest of the event. Basically I setup an air hockey/pong mini game. I would've liked to have...
  8. Sweep style attack using Yanfly Action Sequence

    I had been looking hard for a solution on making skills use regular attack animations and after a bit of searching I found some help over in this thread. I didn't want to necropost so I decided to make my own. For single target attacks, the sequence provided by LadyBaskerville works like a...
  9. Keep equipment on class change

    Title is pretty self explanatory. Is there any way to make it so that an actor doesn't remove all equipment on a class change, assuming the class can equip what was previously equipped? For example, black/white/red/blue mages, all can use the same equipment but if you go from one class to...
  10. Status overlays on events

    I've poked around as I figured this, or something like this, would've been asked but I couldn't find anything. Is there any way to overlay status effects on events? I'm using a yanfly plugin for visual states and I'd like to be able to use the battler states on events. For example, if a NPC is...
  11. Yanfly Battle AI Help

    I'm having trouble getting the enemy AI and state checks. I want the AI to check and see if the target is under a specific state, and if not, use a specific move. My AI is setup as follows... <AI Priority> Eval user.hp >= Math.floor(user.mhp * 0.9): Attack Eval user.hp >= Math.floor(user.mhp *...
  12. Hime Guest Followers + Yanfly

    I can't seem to get this to work, it pretty much conflicts with everything. I turned off all my other plugins, got a property undefined error. Does this plugin work anymore? If not, is there an alternative? Edit: Plugin definitely works, is anybody using it and yanfly plugins with any success...
  13. Disabling Actors In The Main Menu *Resolved*

    Is there a way to disable an actor from being selected in the main menu? For example, I want to make an NPC a guest party member but I also want the actor to show up in the menu and NOT be selectable. Hime has a plugin that adds actors as guests but they don't show up in the main menu. If there...
  14. Move Route Question. Problem solved, found a work around.

    I'm setting up an event where the player follows an NPC around, standard event, nothing spectacular. It was working fine for a while, however, one of the middle portions of the event stopped working. I can think of no reasons for it to have stopped working, it was literally working just fine...
  15. Hime/Yanfly Plugin Issue

    I'm having a problem with the Extended Message Pack 1 plugin from Yanfly and the Hidden Choice Conditions plugin from Hime. Originally I had them working together fine, but in another thread for another issue I was advised to reorder my plugins so I looked on the Yanfly site and set my plugins...
  16. Resolved/Fixed Issue

    I have a weird issue and I'm not really sure what to do about it because I'm not really sure what's causing it. Randomly, some event images stop showing up. The event is still there and interacts as it should, the image for it just isn't there. I've tried moving the events and seeing if it...
  17. Attacks no longer working.

    I'm not sure what happened as things were working fine but for some reason attacks no longer work. For either the player or enemies. They do they cast/attack animation but the actual attack/spell animation never plays and no damage occurs. I have no idea what happened to cause this... Any help...
  18. JS Help For Basic Plugin *UPDATED* 1 last question, plz help!

    I've been working on and off to display a clock in my game and I finally figured out how to get a plugin to display what I want. Simple really, but a big breakthrough for me. Now I need to setup a conditional statement to determine what should be said and when. Right now I'm using... If I take...
  19. Yanfly Battle A.I help [I figured out how to do what I need, can close thread, thanks]

    How do I make an enemy use an attack based on its own health, and not the players health? Yanfly goes into decent detail about how to base things off the player but nothing about how to base things off the enemy... I just need one solid example and I'll be good to go.
  20. Display a persistent common event/clock/hud

    I've been working on a time system for my game and I pretty much have it functioning the way I want. However, it's a bit of a pain to have to go through several menus in order to pull up the time. Thus I want to somehow get the common event to display on the top right portion of the screen at...

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