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  1. MV Generator Request- 2 Towels Generator Clothing

    When making a new request thread, it would be helpful if you follow this form: Resource Type: MV Generator Clothing Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP/default style Description: A towel generator part for male and female(not kids, since the generator has that new subsection). You know how guys...
  2. Egg/Pet Battle System

    In my RPG MV game, there is a 3 way hierarchy. Top: Giant Animals Middle: Adversus Girls(main characters) Bottom: Small animals Throughout the game you either encounter the animals, or find their eggs and bring them to the pet hub area. I feel lacking in the inspiration department, so I am...
  3. Rates for hiring part time RPG MV programmers/"helpers"?

    I'm not putting this into the classified since I am not hiring currently, but simply wanting feedback. Long story short, my current plan for my ******* is if I reach my "Full Time Job" perk halfway in my college semester, I will be unable to work full time on the development since I can't just...
  4. "Tinting" in mobile version?

    I apologize if I post this in the wrong forum, apparently my one weakness is being unable to tell which one to post to. Anyways, a while back I heard that the tint function in RPG MV does not work in the mobile deployments, and in order to make up for that you have to use pictures and use...
  5. Add dlc to your RPG MV game on steam?

    I think I am posting this in the correct place. I looked around for the answer but couldn't find one. Does anyone know of any ways to add dlc to your game using steam on rpg maker? My current plan for my game is have it in an episode structure. The first episode is free, and then two through...
  6. Storyboards and Scriptwriting for game development?

    For the past several months, I have been using YouMeScript, it is available on the google drive for free, with a lot of extra perks(such as word count and soon offline access) for only about 1.99 a month. I am not 100% sure since due to the fact I'm already subscribed, I am unable to go in and...
  7. Ideas in short Stealth RPG Maker Game(MV)

    The commercial game I have been working on is being put on hold for several weeks while I wait for my friend to finish a coding piece, so I wanna work on a short game for a few weeks while I wait.  I have been playing a lot of dishonored 2 lately, and it annoys me how I have yet to see good...
  8. I have no idea what I am doing :D

    I'm technically not new, but I haven't posted about myself yet so I figured I might as well! Right now I'm developing a game in RPG MV, and the battle system is going to be map based. i would describe the fighting system like a cross between kingdom hearts and legend of zelda in pixel style. ...
  9. Looking for artist and fellow RPG Maker "friends"

    I think I am in the correct forum xDDD I have no idea what I am doing, but it seems like pretty much anything(within reason) goes in this forum so I guess I'll post it here. I'm currently in the middle of developing my RPG MV game, and I'm hoping to meet make a few artist(art in general) and...
  10. Sprite Attack Animation(for Map based combat)

    Long story short, this is for the map based combat(not turn based) I am implementing in my game. One issue i am currently encountering is I got the code written for calculating when an event has been attacked, but currently I am trying to figure out how to make the player sprite have a striking...
  11. Outlining Multiple Character Paths

    *To preface this question, I should probably summarize my game's method of story advancement/POV(Point-Of-View). In my game, you are seeing the world through the eyes of who is leading your party. Certain characters are filled with bloodlust and everything is red and disturbing to them, one...
  12. "If any events with notetag "

    I'm currently writing a battle plugin to make my battle system easier to program.  Currently I have the script call written, but I need a way of writing in "eventwiththisnotetag" . The way I plan on doing it is "if events with this notetag are in front of the player, and within X distance...

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