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  1. Raith

    RMMZ [RPG Maker MZ] Where do those Area-of-Effect Damage delays come from?

    The default RM MZ still has the same, head-scratching Area-of-Effect damage delay problem, already seen before in previous RPG Maker versions: if you use skill with All Enemies targeting and hit all enemies on the battlefield, the damage will be executed to the enemies one by one instead all at...
  2. Raith

    RMMZ About the new RMMZ TouchInput functions...

    The new TouchInput in rmmz_core.js is highly similar with the old one inRMMV rpg_core.js. The difference that in the TouchInput.clear function now there are _newState and _currentState properties, and TouchInput.update function is rewritten radically thanks to the new _createNewState()...
  3. Raith

    RMMZ How do you determine and change Equip Slot Order?

    My project employs pseudo class-free gameplay, which limit the player to use various weapon based on equipped armor. Hence, for the best user interface and experience, it requires the player to equip the armor first, then set the weapon, shield, and finally accesorries. Because of that, I'm...
  4. Raith

    RMMZ Can anyone teach me how to update Face portrait in the new Equip Scene properly?

    RPG Maker MZ come with nice graphical tweaks Those include the nice little face portrait in the Status Window of Equip Scene. So I was working on a plugin which made the character change costume according to what item is equipped. The costume changed according to armor tier, armor, weapon, and...
  5. Raith

    RMMZ Executing Common Event in Equip Scene?

    The Situation I'm trying to make a RPG Maker MZ plugin which change player's clothes based on equipped item. The plugin works in combo with common event: the plugin assign a designated common event so it will be executed after an armor/weapon is equipped. The common event is currently a...
  6. Raith

    [Suggestion] Avoid the Large Sprite clipping by Default! The "Taller Than O, Lower Than Star" Tile Passage

    The need of default "Taller Than O, Lower Than Star" Tile Passage: This is a feature that will fix large sprite clipping issue through new type of tile passage Since a long time ago in RPG Maker, there are only 3 kinds of passages: X, O, Star but no designation for such kind of passage. Sadly...
  7. Raith

    RMMZ How to Do Parameter Call in RPG Maker MZ???

    Hi, I just tried the new RM MZ, converted my RM MV project manually, and overall it went very smoothly. Yes, I mean very smoothly because a lot of non-windows/scene-related plugins from MV works really well in MZ. However, I still can't make any plugin with parameter to work properly. Just...
  8. Raith

    Window_Selectables Edit (in YEP_PartySystem) - What did I miss??

    (I'm not sure where to put this thread, but since the boards say Javascript Support, I decided to put it here) So I'm trying to change Window_Selectables size across many scenes in many of Yanfly's and my own plugins. What I want is simple: just size change to adjust with every scene bitmap...
  9. Raith

    Centered Battle Scene Windows - Development of YEP Battle Engine Core-friendly Unofficial Extension Plugin

    BACKGROUND I'm a heavy user of Yanfly's Engine Plugin (YEP). And I'm also not a fan of stretched out message & windows when RPG Maker game is forced to extend into a higher resolution than 816 x 624 px. It made my eyes tired and mad, scanning written things from left to right of my 60 cm screen...
  10. Raith

    Need help on Irina's Action Sequence Impact plugin: Projectile Z-order setting?

    I'm trying to create a simple action sequence in the battle scene where protagonists ships launch torpedoes. So, just like the real torpedoes, the torpedoes should go underwater, beneath any ships, friends or foes. So far the movement is satisfying. However, its Z-order is not. Hence, the...
  11. Raith

    Question about "this" keyword usage in Script Call

    Hello, I am Raith and this is my first time joining and posting a question in RPGMakerWeb despite of almost a decade digging in this forum. I am trying to create a crop-planting system similar to one found in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, and I am trying to use regular event Script Call...

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