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  1. PixelBoy360

    HIME Guest Followers Plugin Not Working

    I've been trying to use HIME's Guest Followers Plugin for months and have just come to the conclusion that it just doesn't work. So either it's not working or I just don't know what I'm doing. I use the plugin and it says: ___ To add guest actors to the party, use the script call...
  2. PixelBoy360

    Team Attacks (Combined Attacks)

    Ok, Iʻm trying to make skills where 2 characters do one skill together. So visually I want it so one character does a skill, and both character #1 and character #2 step up to do the one attack. What plugin would I use to do that, Action Sequence Pack 1?
  3. PixelBoy360

    -SOLVED- Changing an over-world sprite based on a state

    So I'm trying to change the player's overworld sprite to a ghost equivalent, if the party member dies, like in Earthbound. But I noticed there isn't any real option in the states to do something like that. Does anyone have any ideas? EX: Source: AVGN Earthbound
  4. PixelBoy360

    -SOLVED- Yanfly "Libra Skill" either doesnt work, or "it has no effect"

    I tried out the code from the libra tutorial and either nothing would happen. or If I redid it in a new project it would say, "It had no effect". So is my plugins out of order or is something conflicting? Here is the plugin list.
  5. PixelBoy360

    Adding bonus damage to an attack if the target is poisoned.

    So basically I want a skill to do 10% more damage if the enemy it's attacking is poisoned. None of the formulas do anything and I'm not sure if this is due to a plugin inhibiting it or my own negligence in finding the problem?
  6. PixelBoy360

    YEP.152 – Quest Journal System: <br> Brackets Showing

    So I installed the Yanfly quest plugin and it works fine. My issue is a visual/cosmetic problem. When I go to look at quest there are this brackets on the side of the screen. Not only are they an eyesore, but they're also spacing the text to the right cutting some words off. Anyone know how to...
  7. PixelBoy360

    Enemy Summoning

    Hey my name is Mr. Pixel, I've been trying to understand how to make my boss spawn enemies after the first batch is defeated, since MV run on JavaScript instead of Ruby i need a little help.
  8. PixelBoy360

    Add more battlers

    OK so I just happen to have 5 characters i want as player fighters but so far I can only use 4. Is there a way around this. (Im using Rpg Maker MV).

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