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  1. SRPG Engine - [Add Votes for RTP] Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    Thanks! Looks like I may have figured it out for player movement at least, but what equation would I use to subtract the number of spaces moved from TP and where would I insert it?
  2. SRPG Engine - [Add Votes for RTP] Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    Hey Doktor_Q, I've decided I want to start poking around the code for this since I really want the TP movement feature. Can you tell me where this function is located? I tried searching in SRPG_core but a lot of the comments are in Japanese so I didn't want to accidentally break something.
  3. After Battle Recovery + Control Global Max TP

    That's fine if you couldn't, but thanks!
  4. After Battle Recovery + Control Global Max TP

    Actor specific if possible, but I was also wondering whether or not if it was possible for monsters too since I consider them a higher priority.
  5. After Battle Recovery + Control Global Max TP

    Can this be used to set starting TP for party members and enemies?
  6. SRPG Engine - [Add Votes for RTP] Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    Ah, I see. Unfortunately I have little to zero knowledge when it comes programing, but I suppose I can take a look under the hood when the weekend comes around.
  7. SRPG Engine - [Add Votes for RTP] Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    I'm not able to check right now since I'm not at my PC where MV installed, but is there a way to make move distance based on how many TP your unit has? IE: 10 TP will allow you to potentially move 10 spaces, but every movement you make costs a certain number of TP. So if you have 0 TP, you can't...
  8. Crafting sucks?

    One of the things I considered for a crafting system is that if you want better versions of the gear you see in shops, you'd have to make it yourself. You'd still need to buy the original equipment at least once to learn the recipe, and then there would be a material shop whose available...
  9. A Big Step: Posting Your Game?

    I made a small Facebook group which served as my personal devblog and invited only select friends and family whom were interested in my project pitch. When I released my first demo I made it only available to them for testing. Some praised it for being lengthy on average for a demo and being...
  10. When did you start RMing and what software you use first time?

    If you want to get technical about it, my very first RPG Maker was an incomplete fan translated version of RPG Maker 2 for the SNES back in 99. Then in 2002, I discovered RPG Maker 2000 and from then on, experimented with each version on their release date.
  11. The Big Book of World Building/Notes: Do you have one?

    When I came up with my current game project, I had envisioned it to be a part of a larger overarching plot due to the plot twist I'm going with which is why I spent quite some time ironing out my notes, but I also want to keep my game project self contained in case I don't have the time and...
  12. The Big Book of World Building/Notes: Do you have one?

    Back in the months leading to MV's release, I did some diving through a collection of data backup discs that I've built up over the last decade and stumbled upon old notes and discarded ideas for potential game projects I had toyed with in past RPG Makers. There was one in particular that stood...
  13. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Is there a conditional branch script command or something to determine if an event ID has been removed using the erase event command? I am using a parallel event to execute a specific event's move route based on whether the player is moving or not, and I want to be able to have that parallel...
  14. Scaling Battle Rewards - Version 2.0.0

    Nice work! Would it be possible to add a feature in the future where higher leveled enemies have better chances of dropping specified items?
  15. The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    A friend of mine in high school actually said this to me once, and it still hurts. ;_;
  16. The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    A lot of these are golden xD . I decided to make this one after finally taking a look at how many hours I've logged into MV.
  17. Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    Is there any chance of a possible region collider type plugin to go along with this? I want to move away from Quixios' QMovement plugin since I don't believe he'll be providing further support anymore due to leaving MV development, but there hasn't been anything similar to it so far (that I'm...
  18. RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.67 - Update on the 1st March 2021

    Ah, I didn't realize there's an advance mode. Maybe I'm missing something, but it doesn't appear to let me manage my resources (it's greyed out) nor manage my templates.
  19. RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.67 - Update on the 1st March 2021

    Don't know if it's been suggested before, but is it possible to add in the ability to edit a resource icon for resources that you've already imported? At the moment I'm basically removing resources just to add in their icons so it's kind of a hassle to have to do this, especially when I have to...

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