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  1. Drokkkon

    Is there a plugin for AutoBattle?

    1. You found the enemy in the map. 2. Battle begins and your characters just use their skills in the enemy. You don't choose nothing, you just watch the battle happening. In this way, you just need to choose the right characters for your group succeed in the mission. Is there a plugin to make...
  2. Drokkkon

    How exactly copyright works with "free games"?

    I'm creating a game at Rpg Maker MV, for people at my forum [one piece forum] play it. It's about pirates. So, I don't understand about coryright... 1. I can use a One Piece Anime theme music, if I give credits? "Music rights are from One Piece Anime" 2. Can I use a One Piece character picture...
  3. Drokkkon

    Where we can find the character busts from console version?

    Is there any place with the character busts that were released for console rpg maker mv version? Or we need to buy it to use at PC? I mean those busts:
  4. Drokkkon

    Ship Vehicle and Gold Coins sprites for MV!

    Been looking and not found yet. A ship vehicle bigger to be used instead of the characters/vehicle that have a small ship. That ship is good for world map, I'm looking for a ship to be used at normal map, so it needs to be bigger. And a gold coin sprite, so the character can pick up gold from...
  5. Drokkkon

    Plugin that shows "player used skill" at screen, without stop game?

    1. Player pushes rock back 2. At screen, it shows "Player used Super Punch" This is it. Just a plugin that shows the power you used in screen without being in a battle. Also that don't stop the game so you have to click enter. Just a "pop up" saying something. So a message show or a popup...
  6. Drokkkon

    How can I use a easy "Fame" system/plugin?

    Pretty easy: you gain a item, you gain 1 Fame point. And that being displayed in the game all the time, somewhere in the screen you see there "Fame: X points" Like GTA III that you see all the time in the screen your current money...

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