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  1. JinKuze

    Hullo? Anyone care for some basic set extension?

    It's so good, it's creeping me out. Keep at it, some serious dedication there!
  2. JinKuze

    Tungerman's SOS Music Pack

    Wow, really loving these pieces, especially "Raindrops". Thanks for sharing these!
  3. JinKuze

    Fee makes enemy graphics

    Oh wow, these look awesome! Looking forward to more!
  4. JinKuze

    Macbeth's Parallax Mapping Shop

    Wow these look absolutely amazing, I'll be sending a request through PM if you're still doing theses! Edit: Macbeth has done it again and better than ever. Made the image in my head a reality!
  5. JinKuze

    Adding more motions/poses?

    Ah yes, I've tried using both notetags before to no avail.  The problem may be with the action sequences, as you said. (the plugin works great with it, just not for adding motions it seems.) I'll attempt to use them again to see if anything has changed. I'll give Quasi's plugin a shot...
  6. JinKuze

    DRG - Darker Realistic Grass

    Well, these look great! Really gives immersion when making maps.
  7. JinKuze

    The Free Archives (Formerly Animations Archive)

    When you go to the Dropbox link, there is a download button on the top right to download a ZIP file. Don't Right Click > Save As. each animation individually. 
  8. JinKuze

    Guild Development?

    I see, thank you very much! I'll read through those tutorials and hopefully get a gist of how to proceed.
  9. JinKuze

    Guild Development?

    Hey all, so I've been thinking about a project revolving around you the player developing a guild of your own. I have a couple of questions as to how I should proceed to accomplish this. How do I go about having the player input a name for their guild? Recruiting guild members and being able...
  10. JinKuze

    Developing a guild?

    I see, well I'm glad that it's at least possible. How would one go about making an event for having the player input a name for their own guild?
  11. JinKuze

    Yanfly plugins Crystal_Red_4x2???????

    On the bottom of the YEP.101 - Battle Select Cursor plugin are two image files.  Right Click > Save As... into the img/pictures folder of your project and you should be good. The plugin is just telling you that the said image is missing from the project folder.
  12. JinKuze

    Developing a guild?

    Okay, so I've been thinking recently about making a project revolving around the player developing their own guild along with recruiting guild members. Either way, let's say you start and the player decides, "I should make a guild! The greatest guild ever!" (I know, so good.) So you create...
  13. JinKuze

    Mafiatale Sans sprites - Free to use !

    Oh wow, these look awesome, nicely done! 
  14. JinKuze

    Adding more motions/poses?

    Hey all! I was playing around with Yami's YED_SideviewBattler and it works great for adding more frames per motion/pose. However, I can't seem to add more motions other than the default motions. So aside from the 18 default poses, is it possible to add more through this plugin? Or, should...
  15. JinKuze

    Trick Floor Puzzle (Tutorial)

    Cool, I've been wondering what to do for a puzzle and this looks like something that would fit, thanks!
  16. JinKuze

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I see, thank you very much!
  17. JinKuze

    SV_Battlers from SV_enemies [9. The Hornet]

    Nicely made, hoping to use that animated Giant in my project. Thanks for that!
  18. JinKuze

    Instant Turn Battle

    Ah alright, thank you!
  19. JinKuze

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    @Yanfly Quick question, for the Common Event Menu Setup Pack 2 plugin video, I noticed that the menu has a parent event and then sub events under it in the menu. Is it alright if you shared how you achieved this result?

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