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  1. Blair Pendragon

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    jooc why did u go with this one? (For my players, i go with a simple atk-def, but for enemies, i give them different formulas, depending on various factors. the main issue people have with the atk-def is easily solvable with many methods, which is why i make it adjustable on the enemies side...
  2. Blair Pendragon

    Miscellaneous Plugins [SFG]

    Well a work around for us would be to just make every action in the game, which heals mp, also remove the buff. (pretty much how death should have worked. leave the state removal to us, where we have to manually pick which states get removed from death, rather than it defaulting to removal of...
  3. Blair Pendragon

    Miscellaneous Plugins [SFG]

    For autobattle, what separates this from the in game version? nvm im stupid, forgot the part it said "in the options menu" lol.
  4. Blair Pendragon

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    I think I get "enough" of what you're saying. Thank you, I think i can use what you said to figure out anything else I may need. I see why you answered in the manner you did, as it said a lot of... what might appear to be"unrelated" information, but was a necessary foundation, to make heads and...
  5. Blair Pendragon

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Im a bit confused which part this is addressing, as the quoted part is then mentioned again, but as if talking about a different quoted part. but, to see if i understand this, things in {these} are the same as just doing , this, correct? so if(b.isStateAffected(21)) {b.gainMp(-d) d}; else a.atk...
  6. Blair Pendragon

    State that changes default attack

    as said above, if seal skill isnt what you're looking for, but you want their basic attack to heal, you can also put that in the damage formula. if (!b.isStateAffected(id)) a.atk*4-b.def*2; else b.gainHp(a.atk*4-b.def*2)
  7. Blair Pendragon

    just sending a message, to see if you noticed my reply to u, and to see if my answer was of any...

    just sending a message, to see if you noticed my reply to u, and to see if my answer was of any help or not.
  8. Blair Pendragon

    Damage MP instead of HP (MP Shield, temp HP)

    This is a post about how to turn your MP into temporary HP. (Dealing damage to your MP instead of your HP.) (Yanfly has a semi similar effect, but with differences, and wasnt able to achieve this effect. It worked more like FFTA Blue Mage, or other games, where a portion of dmg is dealt to MP.)...
  9. Blair Pendragon

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Heya, I'm having trouble with a formula. (honestly i dont even know what half the stuff does. I still dont know what ; means, and what : means) Im making a formula that makes C the same as the targets mp. then it makes a formula based on C, and assigns it to D. (I plan to change the targets MP...
  10. Blair Pendragon

    Damage Formulas 101

    Looking at the options here, I think an old idea I gave up on, is actually possible here... maybe. DAMAGE MP I had originally looked up pluggins for this, but none of them were designed "correctly". The idea: Put up a buff. While this buff is active, damage you take, has to go through your MP...
  11. Blair Pendragon

    [Bug] Color Changes

    While useful, these "solutions" are on your end, and not the players end. If you rolled out a game as is, everyone else who hasnt done these fixes, will see the colors incorrectly as well. Would be nice if the program worked more akin to other programs, and didnt require such a fix.
  12. Blair Pendragon

    [Bug] Color Changes

    This was a huge nightmare for when i was working on my project for one of the rpg maker contests. caused me to redo art nearly 20-30 times, till i got the right colors i wanted in game. (Dark muted colors become VERY colorful. Mostly noticeable in dark settings, where a grey becomes bright...
  13. Blair Pendragon

    State to disable "Basic Attack". (MV)

    I honestly have no idea how i missed that... lol. well, that explains why i couldnt find the answer in searches lol. XD ty, and sorry for wasting ur time.
  14. Blair Pendragon

    State to disable "Basic Attack". (MV)

    Hello, Ive been looking around google, and here, and I cant seem to find this type of "state". I do not wish to remove the attack option entirely, as all of my search results lead me to. I want a SINGLE character in my party to be unable to attack, SOMETIMES. Preferably through a state. I'm...
  15. Blair Pendragon

    Event One Map Game Challenge

    @Touchfuzzy It breaks the spirit of the contest? Interesting, I thought that WAS the "hint" of what you intended. I guess the real intent went over my head, what were you intending then? (because now you have my curiosity. Sorry if this doesnt belong here.))
  16. Blair Pendragon

    Event One Map Game Challenge

    While I didnt make a game, I wanted to mention that you could practically make a full fledged 30 hour RPG within these limitations. (more like dragon quest, not so much a cinematic game, like final fantasy) Each event can go upwards of 99 pages. Each events page can have multiple possible...
  17. Blair Pendragon

    RMMV Indrah's IGMC2017 Let's Plays and notes. 50 games and counting

    edit: i was wrong, here it is;
  18. Blair Pendragon

    RMMV All Hallow's Candy

    @mlogan Sorry, I didn't see anything under the IGMC rules sticky. (Plus I thought it would be easy to see the screenshots on the link^^; ) EDIT: im really struggling to find these rules, where would they be located? I don't want to make future problems :( EDIT #2: Ok, I found them, they were...
  19. Blair Pendragon

    Rules Welcome to the 2017 INDIE GAME MAKER CONTEST!

    @EpicFILE your account can upload multiple games, just make a new submission thats not apart of IGMC and u can upload another game, or in this case, the same game.
  20. Blair Pendragon

    RMMV All Hallow's Candy

    All Hallow's Candy is a 20-60 minute RPG, made with one person, in one month for the IGMC 2017. You select "Costumes" for your team at the start of the game. Each costume comes with unique stats and abilities. Due to many possible combinations, the difficulty was semi laxed, to ensure the...

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