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  1. Kain Vinosec

    BTW the yellow font is really hard to read on some screens

    There we go, this should be fixed now. Thanks to everyone for suggestions and things!
  2. Kain Vinosec

    Broken Link

    Thanks! Fixed.
  3. Kain Vinosec

    Colliding gadgets

    @pinnedmoth - Have an action program for when the block is in midair that gives it an attack detection to deal damage when it collides with another gadget. Might work, but I'm not 100% sure. @Xovq & dajamu - One thing that can cause problems with the collision detection is having them...
  4. Kain Vinosec

    WAV Files are too big

    IGM unfortunately only accepts WAV and AIFF which both end up being about the same size. There are some different ways to compress the files but it usually results in lower quality. If anyone knows of a way to make these files smaller by all means fill us in!
  5. Kain Vinosec

    Activation Issues with IG Maker

    Closing. Also should anyone else come across this problem, this is a technical issue and should be posted in the following forum:
  6. Kain Vinosec

    Official IG Maker Tutorials

    Thanks for the suggestion SlySly. I will work on that whenever I get a chance.
  7. Kain Vinosec

    Official IG Maker Tutorials

    Hey all! Kain Vinosec here to provide you with some links to the IGM Tutorials I've been doing. I'll keep updated this list as more get posted. Note: After finishing the 20th tutorial, I've gotten kinda busy with other things. There are more planned! I am just on a bit of a hiatus at the...
  8. Kain Vinosec

    IG maker won't start...

    Agreed. The Patch should fix it up which can be found here: Also I am moving this to tech support.
  9. Kain Vinosec

    Qualifying Next Action Program

    No problem. Closing.
  10. Kain Vinosec

    Platformer: Door system used by Ennemies and Player

    Awesome. I am going to close this thread then.
  11. Kain Vinosec

    Qualifying Next Action Program

    The thing is, when you jump on them you are technically attacking them because of how the tutorials set up the boss' HP and you have to attack him to get it to go down. So an easy way to fix this would be to make it so that the boss' HP goes down when stepped on, and get rid of your player...
  12. Kain Vinosec

    Platformer: Door system used by Ennemies and Player

    I am a little busy lately, but if you email me your GPD I'll take a look and see if I can find a solution for you.
  13. Kain Vinosec

    Tutorial sword shoot

    Glad to help! Closing this thread now.
  14. Kain Vinosec

    Out of Ammo?

  15. Kain Vinosec

    Tutorial sword shoot

    This one is an easy fix. Just go to the "Jumping Action" tab, then to the "Gadgets" sub-tab. Select your Player Gadget, and the "sparo" Action Program. Under the "Conditions And Key Commands For Switching Actions" check the box next to "The Gadget Played All Animations" for both of the things...
  16. Kain Vinosec

    Out of Ammo?

    First problem is a super easy fix. You just forgot to check the "Disappear" box on your bullet's "Invisible" Action Program. For the second problem you basically just need to tweak some things and figure out what is going to work best for your game in the long run. For instance, try un-checking...
  17. Kain Vinosec

    Tutorial sword shoot

    Email me your GPD file and I'll take a look at it -
  18. Kain Vinosec

    Shared GPDs?

    I'm the same way with my projects. I've got a demo that I had been working on but haven't made any progress on it lately (too many other things taking up my time), but beyond that I'm not aware of anyone else's projects that are done or at a testing stage whom would be willing to share GPDs.
  19. Kain Vinosec

    Tutorial 9 - Frozen Enemies

    You could try using the one with the dial. Umm... "The player gadget is in x direction" and then you like choose the direction with a dial. That might work.
  20. Kain Vinosec

    More than One Tile-set per Canvas


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