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  1. Lord_Kaiser

    RM2k/3 Saint Seiya Densetsu - ABEL

    Well, you brought me so much fun leaving a review is the least I could do ^^ I also thought that I couldn't use Siegfried because he died against Poseidon and did the fight against Poseidon again without him but I can't use him in the fight against the corona I tried against the gold saint and...
  2. Lord_Kaiser

    RM2k/3 Saint Seiya Densetsu - ABEL

    While im here i could not beat milo with hyoga in a fair way, after two hours of trying to survive his antares i had to kill him with a summun.
  3. Lord_Kaiser

    RM2k/3 Saint Seiya Densetsu - ABEL

    Alright, I finally finished this release, it was just great you guys are doing an excellent job, I really enjoyed the "side quest" with Triton and Orion, that was a great idea, I hope they will be more of those, also the part where you play saga I don't even have the word playing him was...
  4. Lord_Kaiser

    RM2k/3 Saint Seiya Densetsu - ABEL

    Ha alright I misunderstood ^^ thanks for the quick reply.
  5. Lord_Kaiser

    RM2k/3 Saint Seiya Densetsu - ABEL

    Nice now I'm even more exited for the next release, its a nice trick to make it so that Abel is the vessel of Apollo, I wonder if the Saga route and his interaction with Shaka will change some things in the Hades arc , it will be hard to see Saga die though .
  6. Lord_Kaiser

    RM2k/3 Saint Seiya Densetsu - ABEL

    Alright this game is just amazing, certainly one of the best fan game out there, I cant wait for the next release, as for flaw I could find only a few, the first one being the other saints following Seiya in Asgard, they often block the road and it can be quite tricky to get past them, also for...

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