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  1. lostdragon

    Lufiastyle event mover

    I think I was trying to use it for Roguelike combat - where you "bump" into a monster to fight it.  Since the script didn't count a blocked move as a "move" it made problems. I ended up creating my own setup to do this, but it could help others who want to do Roguelike style movement with...
  2. lostdragon

    RPG Maker MV v1.3.1: Fixes

    The intermittent stuttering appears to be fixed for me.  It was always intermittent so hopefully it doesn't come back, but initial trials of roaming a 255x255 map seem to point toward promising results. Thank you!
  3. lostdragon

    RPG Maker MV 1.3.0 Update!

    After further testing my issue with micro-stuttering didn't really go away.  It just happens less now. That's an improvement anyway. Perhaps it is related to the 64x64 tile size I use.  Maybe that plugin is missing something.  Maybe it's a sync issue.  I can't get it to happen on command...
  4. lostdragon

    RPG Maker MV 1.3.0 Update!

    This update fixed the longstanding issue I had with periodic / random stuttering in RPG Maker using hardware that runs modern games on high / ultra. Very smooth now.  Good update.
  5. lostdragon

    Lufiastyle event mover

    Could there be an option for the script to detect a mouse click? For instance, if I run into something, that doesn't count as a "move" and there are instances where it'd be cool if it did..
  6. lostdragon

    Orange Mapshot

    Nice plugin.  Very handy.  Worked well for me.  My largest world is 255x255 at 64x64 pixels tile size. It generated the correct (58MB) png file with a little patience. Thanks.
  7. lostdragon

    on map enemies\events

    Create an event with a parallel trigger.. Create 2 variables.  Call one player x and the other player y Assign a variable -  player x. On your event page do a "control variables".     single (assign to player x)     operation:  set     game data:  map x of player Make another...
  8. lostdragon

    Quasi Movement

    With a fresh project using only your plugin and a 256x256 map I have a 5+ second load time with only some mountains sprinkled around for collision. When the collision gets more complex (more mountains, trees, water, etc.) the load time seems to increase. What is the recommended map size to...
  9. lostdragon

    Event Radius Check

    I have a parallel event with plugin command EventRadiusCheck Cat 5 I have a second event called Cat that is set to randomly run around. I get "Type error undefined is not a function" It points to this line: if ($gameMap.isXyHasEventName(ev_event_name,ev_event_x_check,ev_event_y_check)...
  10. lostdragon

    Events Touching Trigger v3.20

    Nice!  Thanks!   :D
  11. lostdragon

    Events Touching Trigger v3.20

    Is there a way to make this more generic? Maybe event ID 1 triggers common event event 1 when it touches another event.
  12. lostdragon

    Dark Room Covers

    Thanks I will try out the new version!  I really liked how this worked. Edit: The performance issue is gone.  This plugin is perfect for my old school style RPG.
  13. lostdragon

    Dark Room Covers

    After some more trial I had to quit using the plugin.  On maps of 256x256 I'm getting performance issues even without any regions set up.   The script seems to run whether the plugin command is specified anywhere on an event or not. 
  14. lostdragon

    Dark Room Covers

    Interesting script.  Here are some comments from my initial test on an existing project. The script appears to add a small delay to the start of the game - probably while the engine generates the "darkness tile".  Sometimes this delay transcends into further jerkiness after you get into...
  15. lostdragon

    When I play RPG maker games, they randomly have "choppyness". I'm not sure how else to describe it.

    Installing Yanfly's core engine seems to have helped mine for some reason.  It seems to happen more rarely.  Other suggestions from the editor lag thread I tried included installing DX9 and editing a json file, neither of which seemed to do anything.  I restored the json file to default...
  16. lostdragon

    When I play RPG maker games, they randomly have "choppyness". I'm not sure how else to describe it.

    I am running Windows 10 with an I7 and an R9 390 and 16 GB of RAM and RPG Maker is running off of an SSD. My map doesn't have any events.  Only some script/plugins.   One of the plugins could be to blame but I'm pretty sure I was having trouble with a new map with nothing installed before I...
  17. lostdragon

    When I play RPG maker games, they randomly have "choppyness". I'm not sure how else to describe it.

    Did you find any video card driver settings? I have a similar issue, though it may go away when I make a deployment package - I haven't tested that enough to see.  Sometimes it seems to be related to plugins so try turning some of those off if you have any. Unsure of the cause.  Hard to...
  18. lostdragon

    TileD Plugin (Version 1.3.0+ Released)

    There is an event command called "get location info" that will return a tile id.  It's on tab 3 I think under the map heading.
  19. lostdragon


    They could have been extended a great deal with a few additional commands.  Since the interface for that cannot be changed it will always be limited and kludge-y to add significant functionality. If the software had been redesigned to allow scripters to extend the interface - THAT would have...
  20. lostdragon


    People probably watched some of the videos coming out. I was disappointed with the event screen.  No much there is new.  I was hoping for some meaty new scripting hooks for events but that interface has hardly changed.   I was hyped but now I'm indifferent.  

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