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  1. Naveed

    Navash Sketchpad

    Navash Sketchpad Latest Version: v1.00 Introduction and Features: This plugin introduces a new Sketchpad scene. This scene allows the player to freely draw on the screen using touch controls. As the expected use is with a touch interface, the entire scene uses only touch controls to operate...
  2. Naveed

    Navash Flat Value Gauge Sections (YEP_SectionedGauges Addon)

    Navash Flat Value Gauge Sections Latest Version: v1.00 Introduction and Features: This is an extension plugin for Yanfly's Sectioned Gauges Plugin. This plugin allows for gauge sections to have flat values instead of dividing the gauge into a set number of parts. For example, you can set HP...
  3. Naveed

    RMMV Twice Upon A Time (v0.1.1)

    Twice Upon A Time Latest Version: v0.1.1 Made in RPG Maker MV. Available for Windows. Current Gameplay: ~2-3 hours. Genre: RPG, Fantasy Download Now! [/B][/I] [/SPOILER] Music: Art: [/SPOILER] I appreciate your time for reading this thread, trying out my...
  4. Naveed

    Navash Random Encounter Bar

    Navash Random Encounter Bar Latest Version: v1.20 Introduction and Features: This Plugin creates a small window with a gauge that fills up as the player gets closer to a random encounter. When the gauge is full, the random encounter will be triggered. The random encounter bar only appears if...
  5. Naveed

    YEP ATB Turn Time

    I'm using Yanfly's ATB plugin for my game and I'm running into a problem. My states and buffs have a turn time and since its an ATB battle system, they are obviously now tick-based. However, the buffs and states are ending too quickly. With an attack buff of 5 turns, for example, I can barely...
  6. Naveed

    YEP Battle AI Core Random Skill Pool

    What I'm trying to do is, using Yanfly's Battle A.I. Core, I want that when a specific condition is met, the enemy will use any one out of a pool of skills. So lets say I have skills X, Y and Z. I want to set up <AI Priority> such that: <AI Priority> (Other checks) Always: Skill X/ Y/ Z (Any...
  7. Naveed

    Map List

    So my request is a plugin that should (I don't know much about JS, but speaking from common sense) work something similar like the Enemy Book (with a little more funcionality than just seeing information) except it'll display the names of maps instead of enemies. So, when you select a choice...
  8. Naveed

    Ethereal Spring [v1.00 Released!]

            [/SPOILER]   TL;DR Version (Not Recommended):         Hiliga Village [ Not available till v2.00 :(  ]:     The Hiliga Cliffs [ Not available till v2.00 :(  ]:  ...
  9. Naveed

    Can't Save or Load

    Recently, I can't seem to be able to save or load my game files. It plays a buzzer sound and the console gives the following error: Any idea what's causing the issue and how to fix it?
  10. Naveed

    Creating a Complex Action Sequence

    So I have a skill idea which I plan to call something like "Aura Sphere". I thought of how the action sequence should go, but I'm having trouble implementing it, as the action sequences available do not support all the functions I need. It goes like this: User runs up to target and punches him...
  11. Naveed

    Customize Actors or Weapons?

    So I plan to use shards in my game which provide special benefits when attached. However, what I can't figure out is what would be better - attach them to equipment or attach them to actors? I assume if I make them equipment attachable, I can make the benefits slightly lower scale as new slots...
  12. Naveed

    [MV] Burn Overlay

    I just request a small and simple edit from my fellow community members. My game will have a 'burn' state and I need an overlay for it. The default overlay sheet has a rage overlay which will work fine, as long as the face is removed. So, all I'm requesting is the face on the rage state overlay...
  13. Naveed

    Additional State Overlays

    So by default, MV only allows us to use 10 overlay images for showing states when using the SV battle style. This, however, limits us to only showing overlays for the default states. So I'm requesting a plugin that  would allow us to use more than the default state overlays. Perhaps we could...
  14. Naveed

    Hidden Items A and B

    So, MV introduced two new item categories: Hidden Item A and Hidden Item B. I would assume, as the name suggests, that these are items you give the player but will not be shown in their inventory. And I'm also pretty sure there is/will be a plugin that will allow you to show these items as you...
  15. Naveed

    Pickup and Throw

    The title is pretty much self explanatory. VX-Ace had a bunch of scripts that enabled pickup and throw functionality. However, there isn't one yet for MV (or atleast, I couldn't find one yet). So my request would be a plugin that allows the player to pick up tagged events and throw them a...
  16. Naveed

    Pause Timer

    So I was wondering if there was a way to pause the timer using script calls. It would be unfair for the player to have to lose precious seconds of the timer simply because there is a cutscene that is playing in between. I know the option isn't there from the event commands, so I thought if it...
  17. Naveed

    Animal Sprites (Cow and Lion)

    So the MV RTP lacks quite a bit of diversity when it comes to animal sprites. I mean come on, what makes nature more lively than these beautiful non-human living beings of nature? I mean, cats, dogs, horses and chickens can't be the only things moving around, now can they? Essentially, what I...
  18. Naveed

    Check Region of Event

    So this is more of a quick question. I need to know the script call that will let me check if an event is on a specific region id so that I can use it in a conditional branch. I remember the call for vx ace but I see that its different for MV. I searched the script calls list but couldn't find...
  19. Naveed

    Tent Interiors?

    First of all, I'm sorry if I post this in the wrong section. So I'm trying to map tent interiors in my project. The problem is, tents aren't like normal houses. I can't just map it like I would a normal house, as it wouldn't really feel like a 'tent'. But I'm really confused how to make a map...
  20. Naveed

    Generate Bank Interest (with Demo!)

    So I've seen many tutorials about eventing a banking system but there are no tutorials about implementing an interest system. The player needs a good reason to want to store money in the bank. So I fiddled around with the eventing options and came up with a way to generate interest over a...

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