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  1. Shian

    External Text v2.1 creating an extra line in every new window box

    Hello I am using SES External Text v2.1 by Enelvon as listed here: and have a bit of a problem that I would like help solving...   The only text in text.txt is [Key] Test1The quick brown fox jumps over the...
  2. Shian

    Yanfly Item Menu 2x Armor selection and Display Stat growth

    Hello, I am utilising Yanfly Ace Item Menu Script as shown here: and would like to know if I can do these two things:   First I want to be able to display "Shield" armor and "Body" armor separately in the first selection menu...

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I've just finished organizing music files from a music Humble Bundle I purchased a while ago (putting in specific themed playlists, deleting from playlists, deciding which games they'll be used for. etc.). I'm feeling pretty confident that the sound design for my games will be up to high standards. Sound design seems to be relatively under-discussed as a topic in game development imo.
So I just got back from SeaWorld and I'm back to working on my game. I'm stuck on Shadowstar, mainly due to needing two more princesses... I have all the canon and toy princesses, plus Sunset Shimmer just for kicks. I decided not to include Cadence since this isn't in that era. But... I'm going to have to design two OCs now.
I'm completely missing on this site :kaodes: How's everybody doing lately?
I'm looking at/working through a simple game tutorial. Town, dungeon, boss; town, dungeon, boss; etc. (Thanks, Yanfly!) I'm itching to make something complex but experience (and past disappointment!) tell me to go slow and learn.

Rome certainly wasn't built in a day. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
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