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  1. Blair Pendragon

    Damage MP instead of HP (MP Shield, temp HP)

    This is a post about how to turn your MP into temporary HP. (Dealing damage to your MP instead of your HP.) (Yanfly has a semi similar effect, but with differences, and wasnt able to achieve this effect. It worked more like FFTA Blue Mage, or other games, where a portion of dmg is dealt to MP.)...
  2. Blair Pendragon

    State to disable "Basic Attack". (MV)

    Hello, Ive been looking around google, and here, and I cant seem to find this type of "state". I do not wish to remove the attack option entirely, as all of my search results lead me to. I want a SINGLE character in my party to be unable to attack, SOMETIMES. Preferably through a state. I'm...
  3. Blair Pendragon

    RMMV All Hallow's Candy

    All Hallow's Candy is a 20-60 minute RPG, made with one person, in one month for the IGMC 2017. You select "Costumes" for your team at the start of the game. Each costume comes with unique stats and abilities. Due to many possible combinations, the difficulty was semi laxed, to ensure the...
  4. Blair Pendragon

    Idea challenge for "Parry"

    So, I stumbled into the dev blog posts talking about thinking outside the box, and challenging people to think of different solutions and work-arounds. This is kind of like that. This challenge doesnt have a clear goal in mind, and is far more vague. Create a type of "Parry" mechanic. This...
  5. Blair Pendragon

    change class doesnt change traits

    I gave my class the regen trait, and when i switched to a new class, they still retained regen. so to combat this, i made them start as a different class, that doesnt have regen. Once they change to the class with the regen trait, the regen doesnt actually carry over. Thats when I realized none...
  6. Blair Pendragon

    Larger SV battle actors request

    A long while ago I came across a few different plugins to allow larger actor spirtes in the side view battle system. (for the party, not for enemies) I'm struggling to find these plugins with searches. (The master list webpage doesnt seem to work for me anymore, dont know why. Google just...
  7. Blair Pendragon

    TGR TarGet Rate trait Formula

    Long time ago, I had found a thread here that explained how the TarGet Rate trait formula worked. I tried searching both here, and on google, but instead all I got was, "How do i make someone get hit?" rather than a full explanation of the formula. On Steam, the closest one was Which was a...
  8. Blair Pendragon

    Boarding airship lag

    *EDIT* I realized the error I made. I have a few save files where I run around and test various events on various maps. Im used to the general speed and flow of the game. So I'm nearly finished with the opening sequence of the game, and every time I test it out, and head out into the world...
  9. Blair Pendragon

    requesting ChangeWeaponOnBattle to be a "skill type" toggle.

    The plugin "ChangeWeaponOnBattle" is a feature I've been looking for, and defaults with RPGMaker MV under Author: Sasuke KANNAZUKI. But the only issue here, is that I would like this to be something I can turn off and on, and more importantly, give to specific actors. Would it be possible to...
  10. Blair Pendragon

    Drain HP state

    I usually find work arounds for most things, but currently I'm looking to mimic the effect of giving a party member a "Drain HP" effect mid combat, to all abilities. For now, Im going to settle for something different. (I'm going to try my hardest to not use any plugins. Half the time I'm told...
  11. Blair Pendragon

    All attacks or Skills trigger a special spell attack?

    I was a bit disappointed when Counter Attack prevents all physical dmg taken. But that is ok, as I was wanting a completely different effect anyways, so what I'm now looking to do, is have a character who ALWAYS casts a unique offensive spell, after every basic normal attack, or offensive skill...
  12. Blair Pendragon

    Larger portraits for AltMenuScreen

    With the default plugin " AltMenuScreen" from "Yoji Ojima", and not yanfly and others who have created compatibility errors, does anyone know where I can edit it and or the .js files to allow for longer portraits I've made? The attached file should show the current size, and in the red box is...
  13. Blair Pendragon

    Dual Wield 2handed weapon event

    MV, just like Ace, Has the issue where dual wielding allows for the use of larger 2 hand weapons to be in each hand. (Since Shield slot becomes a Weapon slot, instead of just being treated as Right and Left hands.) I used a "Semi" fix to the issue. I have a common event that constantly...
  14. Blair Pendragon

    Shield, Helm, & Accessory Term change

    Finally received my full copy of RPG Maker MV, and I'm trying to rebuild some of the basics I established in RPG Maker VX Ace. I changed Head to Armor, Armor to Accessory, and Accessory to Spirit. (Along with Main hand, and Off hand for weapon/shield.) But in MV, I can only change weapon, and...
  15. Blair Pendragon

    How to turn off SV battler shadows?

    In the picture, you will notice that I make my own custom character models. But they are in the 48pixel range, instead of the 64 pixel range. The games default shadows are a bit too big (plus I planned to make my own shadows built into the characters) Is there a way to turn off the shadows?
  16. Blair Pendragon

    How do I add Features via Event?

    I thought I had it all planned out, then very far into my game, I realized a major flaw. I dont think RPG Maker VX Ace can add features to characters via events. Characters can START with features, Classes can START with features, Items can allow features while equipped, and states can allow...
  17. Blair Pendragon

    Easy 5+ choice event menus guide!

    Hello everyone! This quick guide is for all the newer people, who have all wondered if it's possible to allow the player to choose from more than 4 options, when in an event. I've seen some people just make the last choice "Next" and on the last set of choices, make it loop back to the top 4...
  18. Blair Pendragon

    Skills trigger later in fight.

    So, I was wondering (with events) if its possible to have an ability give you a buff, then after 10 turns, wear off, then give that character a different buff? (all character can use this ability) So lets say, I gain Attack power for 5 turns, then it wears off, and I gain magic Attack power for...
  19. Blair Pendragon

    How do you balance talking in the game?

    I love long cutscenes... IF they aren't bland. Most children RPGs or RPG maker games are just Fetch this, or worry about something you don't care about. My suggestion is to have very little story at the start, keep it extremely basic, until the 1st tutorial boss, where you can establish more...
  20. Blair Pendragon

    New to Ace, and I have noob questions.

    Heya everyone, as the title suggests, I'm new to RPG Maker VX Ace. I started recreating my RPG Maker XP game onto VX Ace, and of course, I ran into a load of problems. (also I'd like to avoid scripts if possible, except for the last question) Let's start with the most annoying one...

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