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  1. Tuxedo Leila

    I seek the forgiveness of Allah and I turn to Him in repentance.

    I seek the forgiveness of Allah and I turn to Him in repentance.
  2. Tuxedo Leila

    Leila's Resources

    Hi guys! I've kinda left the community but I will drop by every now and then to answer some questions and comments (if I don't, feel free to msg me via gmail).   Here are some of the tiles and other things that I was working on before: horror tiles, modern tiles, and the little mermaid tiles...
  3. Tuxedo Leila

    > :D...

    > :D
  4. Tuxedo Leila

    most memorable locations in videogames?

    Edea's Orphanage in FF8... Every single time the player goes there, we see a different part of Squall, his friends, and a new revelation in their adventure. But to me, all the places in that game and in FF10 are memorable; so much time and effort was placed in bringing the areas to life that I...
  5. Tuxedo Leila

    Leila's Resources

    @ksjp17 Perhaps, or maybe Baba Yaga's hut bent down to help the old witch. ;) @BlackLiquidSorrow It's an edit of a sprite from the RPG Maker DS resource pack. :) @nio Here's a non-parallax version made in the editor. Sorry if it seems barren and simple; I was kinda lazy with mapping this...
  6. Tuxedo Leila

    Leila's Resources

    @nio Yours too, nio! I can't wait until you post more busts so I can attack you with a Blue Eyes Like Dragon! >:3 @Raider Thank you so much! I will try and make more resources from different origins/bgs in the future. :) @slim Thank you, slim! T^T My little sister and I finished playing your...
  7. Tuxedo Leila

    Leila's Resources

    Part of the Fairy Tale tiles: Baba Yaga! *Sorry for the double-post!
  8. Tuxedo Leila

    What do you HATE or LIKE about Final Fantasy Series?

    Lulu and Wakka (I think Kimahri as well) did try to stop Yuna when she told them she wanted to be a summoner. But when they realized she wouldn't budge, they began to support her with all that they could by being her guardians. As for her getting kidnapped often, we should think of the...
  9. Tuxedo Leila

    Leila's Resources

    @ksjp17 Thank you very much!! :) @Candacis Thank you :'D!! I'm glad you found a use for it (it really made my day). T^T @JAD94 Thank you so much! :) I decided to draw some curtains! The white one is transparent so you can put it beneath the base. The trees are also fixed (they were...
  10. Tuxedo Leila

    April Goals & Progress Thread

    Wow, 6 pages in 8 days! @mlogan Good job on tinkering with those complicated events! @ksjp17 I absolutely adore rounded cliffs over the boxy ones. The screenie provided is very pretty (you can never be too cheerful!!!); the only thing I'd suggest is to add a little bit of red to the lighting...
  11. Tuxedo Leila

    Horror Games - What do you find scary?

    The scariest thing is an enclosed area, especially if it is underground. You are sensitive to every sound that you hear, and pray that those movements in the dark, the chill that brushed the nape of your neck, was just your imagination. There is nowhere to run, no place you can hide. Which is...
  12. Tuxedo Leila

    Leila's Resources

    @strawberryxxx Great to hear! :) I updated the main post so it (should) have everything there now. This is an addition to the Forest and Garden tiles. Enjoy! :)
  13. Tuxedo Leila

    @Luna Thank you very much! I'm constantly practicing and studying in order to get the results I...

    @Luna Thank you very much! I'm constantly practicing and studying in order to get the results I want. I think I started making tiles after reading your tutorials 2 years back. :D @Nio, GrandmaDeb, Slim Thank you so much! I can't wait until it's finished so I can share it with you all! =D
  14. Tuxedo Leila

    Challenge of the day: finish this tree I started last night...

    Challenge of the day: finish this tree I started last night.
  15. Tuxedo Leila

    Leila's Resources

    @RocketKnight @Liak Thank you both very much! :) @strawberryxxx Thank you so much! I think I've fixed the problem now. Please try downloading it this time and tell me if it works.
  16. Tuxedo Leila

    March Goals & Progress Thread

    @hiddenone Yours as well! The crafting system looks likes it is coming along well. :) @Chiara Ahahaha yeah but I just like summing up all of a day's work into one bright screenie. I also do it to procrastinate... If only you knew what lengths I go to to avoid doing homework. I, uh, drew a...
  17. Tuxedo Leila

    Good luck, Shaz! House-hunting is really stressful, especially when the deadline to move out...

    Good luck, Shaz! House-hunting is really stressful, especially when the deadline to move out draws nearer.
  18. Tuxedo Leila

    March Goals & Progress Thread

    I haven't posted anything in a long time because I didn't really have anything to show. Since my last update, I've only made a few tiles (I've mostly focused on the back story to my game and the characters).   Today, I decided to remake my Artsy Mapping Contest map and it's been really fun so...
  19. Tuxedo Leila

    Chinese Tileset

    Ying has some Chinese tiles that you can use: Restaff Feb2015 has a Chinese New Years theme so you might find some stuff there: Try looking...
  20. Tuxedo Leila

    Get well soon, nio!

    Get well soon, nio!

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