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  1. Rycoria

    Redraw Battle HUD

    Okay hopefully this is a quick fix, basically I have a common event that switches party members in the middle of battle with a skill and the actor changes and the sideview holder battler changes but the actual actor on the battler hud at the bottom stays the same. Anyway to force the battler hud...
  2. Rycoria

    Some problems I need help with...

    Hey so I've really been enjoying the Luna Engine so far, I just have a few problems with my battle UI now that I've been adding Luna to it. #1 Animations - I have all the actor faces moved down to the bottom, and now whenever an animation plays over a face in the Battler HUD, it's not aligned...
  3. Rycoria

    Riley (Demo now available)

    Created by: Armand Miguel Acri (IndieGameJudge) Dropbox Download (v1.11): Workshop Link (Please rate!): Story Synopsis: You, (use the in-game character customizer to...
  4. Rycoria

    Riley (Demo now available)

    Created by: Armand Miguel Acri (IndieGameJudge) Dropbox Download (v1.02): Workshop Link (Please rate!): Story Synopsis: You, (use the in-game character customizer to...
  5. Rycoria

    Dual Wield Help - Lock Weapon Types?

    Hey guys hopefully just a quick question. So with dual wield you can have two weapons equipped at once. You can also set as many weapon equipment types as you want for an actor, for example, the ability to wield swords, axes, tomes, and staves. But only actually wield one (or with dual...
  6. Rycoria

    Very quick edit-make this actor tied up!

    Hey everyone, I really need this actor sprite to look like she is tied up with rope with VX Ace RTP style. (Around the body, don't touch the head) Just a single frame sprite not the whole sprite set or anything. Whoever does this will be credited as well as receiving my utmost gratitude! Thanks!
  7. Rycoria

    Display text during battle causes actor window to disappear?

    Hey everyone. I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine and Yanfly's FTB Add-On. So I have a common event that is triggered by a skill. It has one of the characters commenting on the enemy (its a scan skill) but after the text is gone, the actors window disappears leaving only the actor command window...
  8. Rycoria

    Make this script fit with an 640x480 resolution?

    Hi can someone please help me make this script (v's relationship window) stretch out properly for a resolution of 640x480? Thank you so much! EDIT: Nevermind. Got it working myself XD
  9. Rycoria

    EXP System help please!

    Hey everyone I really need help. I want to make a system in which instead of gaining, say, each actor gaining 6 xp at the end of the battle, each actor gains a different amount of xp based on their participation. So maybe an actor would get (actor's level * 1.5) xp for every time they used the...
  10. Rycoria

    Check out my character creation system!

    Hey guys, I'm working on a new project and I (using eventing only) designed this character creation system. Watch this video and please give me some feedback: Please be sure to hit the "like" button on the video if you thought this is a cool system. NOTE: I posted this in early game...
  11. Rycoria

    Quick question - How would I toggle a switch if you have all FTB turns left?

    Basically I want to have a switch turned ON when, in battle, you have all of your FTB actions remaining (using Yanfly's Free Turn Battle: and it to be turned OFF when any less than all of...
  12. Rycoria

    Yami's Battle Symphony Help Please!

    Hey everyone just a super quick question. I'm using Yami's Battle Symphony, ( and the fact that the on-screen actors have the stepping animation 24/7 really bothers me. What I mean is, the stepping animation plays even when the actors are...
  13. Rycoria

    Help please - Instant Cast Script that doesn't give you another action

    Hey guys, so hopefully this isn't too difficult, though with my knowledge of scripting it could be insanely difficult for all I know. So Yanfly has this script, instant cast: What it does is have a note tag feature that if x...
  14. Rycoria

    Help please - game randomly freezing

    Ok where to begin? That is the question.  So my game (which has a lot of scripts, any number of which could be the problem, or it could be completley unrelated to scripts) is now (seemingly) completley randomly freezing. This, as far as I have observed, is only happening during battles. It...
  15. Rycoria

    How would I use a script call to draw a picture that is the specified actor's face?

    So how would I use[index].show(file_name, upperleft/center, x, y, x zoom, y zoom, opacity, blend type) in a script to show the specified actors face as the picture? I really need this as I have a character creator and the conditional branches would be insane would I have to do...
  16. Rycoria

    Please help-Make an critical effect that occurs BEFORE the animation-

    Hey guys, I've been trying this for honestly 10+ hours with no luck. I'm trying to make an effect, such as a sound effect + visual cue (like a cut-in) or something like that (not the point) that ONLY runs when the attack is a critical hit but that the effect occurs BEFORE the animation plays and...
  17. Rycoria

    Need help with "sacrifice" skill

    Hey guys, I'm new to both RPG Maker and the forums. Anyway, I want to design a skill that has an effect on a selected ally, and a different effect on the user. From the skill creation UI I can't figure out how to have different effects on different targets, so I am assuming this requires...

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