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  1. Rabie

    (Yanflys) Actor Variables Plugin Shows 0 (though I named the variables)

    I haven't made a sample to test my theory, but I believe you need to remove the quotes from around your variable numbers.
  2. Rabie

    Sometimes your product key will transfer to new versions, I'd check up on that in case you...

    Sometimes your product key will transfer to new versions, I'd check up on that in case you qualify. My Windows 8 product key transferred to 10 (though I 'downgraded' to 7 shortly afterwards)
  3. Rabie

    Help! how do I get multiple Battle BGM?

    Another way: In each troop, set the BGM for the 'next' battle (not sure how you'd specify for random BGMs) and turn on some new switch you make. Then, on each map with random encounters, use a similarly self-erasing parallel process event to flip that new switch on. Now, make a new common event...
  4. Rabie

    My avatar is the closest I've ever come to an artistic accomplishment.

    My avatar is the closest I've ever come to an artistic accomplishment.
  5. Rabie

    The RPG Maker MV School!

    @Rhino If my understanding is correct, then so is yours: Switch #0022 ("OnLesson") is the global switch to tell the whole school that the player student is currently in a lesson. My guess is that there will be a common event which iterates through and detects the rationed "[Your Instructor]'s...
  6. Rabie

    The RPG Maker MV School!

    @KayZaman Nice progress! I agree that the flute play causes some good old fashioned itchy ear. Lowerng its volume a few notches cleared up the problem in my opinion, only now the other instruments are hardly audible. Perhaps take the flute's track down a few levels of volume and you may not...
  7. Rabie

    The RPG Maker MV School!

    The station to the left of the "crystal charger" (lol touchfuzzy your orientation story humor got to me) activates the 'charging' sequence, your numbers are indeed valid to 'charge' the crystal, you simply need to activate them via the left-side console in the basement to continue the tutorial...
  8. Rabie

    Announcing: The RPG Maker MV School Community Project

    @Gin Apologies, I mistook the base project's estimated release date as a soft-deadline for NPC submission due to speed reading and assumptions. Will revise my post. My bad :kaoblush: @mlogan Thank you, I'm relieved, since I was very worried my submission could have been closing in on too late...
  9. Rabie

    RPG Maker MV Community Character Submissions

    *Spriteset: *Note, the bottom-left walk-sprite is for Locra who is no longer. Default Lines: Personality: Role: I'm trying not to bend/break the rules or ask for special treatment, but I hope that I can be considered as an NPC albeit my lack of contribution to this community so far. I've...

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