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    RMMV In battle, how to assign the current actorId to a variable?

    Hi, hope someone can help me. :LZSsad: I need to get the value of the current actorId in <setup action> when executing the action sequence of yanfly in battle, and then assign this value to a game variable 10, and then I want to call the public in <target action> Event, this event needs to...
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    member storage, request to improve this plugin!

    Hi guys! I am using this plug-in,Monster Storage Box because I don't know programming well, so I can't add the required functions. Yanfly's team system is very good, but it lacks the function of deleting members. Sometimes, we don't want to add all members in the game to the current team...
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    Member storage system request

    Hello everyone I want to ask if there is a plugin for storing and deleting team members, and it is compatible with yanfly's team system. Yanfly's team system does not have the option to let characters leave the team, and the games I make will have many characters to join. If they are a team...

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