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  1. BestsellingFictionPodcast

    I love the artists, spriters, and musician talent here.

    I was here before but took a hiatus. Now I'm back. I look forward to connecting with the community.
  2. BestsellingFictionPodcast


    Hello friends and greetings to all. As promised, I am creating a repository for my wares. As I transition into new horizons with the Bamboo Tablet and a new crew of programs, I'll be open to art requests. I like doing new things. All comments welcome. Constructive feedback, please. Most of these...
  3. BestsellingFictionPodcast

    So I've moved from pen to tablets...

    I do a lot of artwork and paintings. It's fun being featured in cafes, sketching random people that you meet. Recently I started entering juried art shows. My friend recently got into doing webcomics, which led to me buying a bamboo touch tablet. So I have this tablet. And I really want to do...
  4. BestsellingFictionPodcast

    Questions about Custom Action RPG Battle Systems

    Hi guys, Need some input from experienced minds. This isn't a project recruitment thread. It is a thread to get feedback and more information. Situation: Action-rpg with upper corner HUD displaying health and a "state" gradient bar. There are hotkey graphics in the bottom right for special...
  5. BestsellingFictionPodcast

    There are 10 million million million million million million particles in this introduction

    Don't Mess With Me. I'm a serious guy and I'm here for serious reasons. I grew up on JRPGs and JRPG music. I'm a fan of TVTropes. I've even tinkered around with RPGMaker2000 and XP, though Ruby scripting and a lot of the intrinsics are beyond me - music, graphics work, programming. At heart...

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I'm bad at base-building games (looking at other players created an aesthetically beautiful base compared to me), but IDK why I keep playing the game and seek more of it.
Pyra and Mythra in smash ultimate are way too OP. They're basically Smash 4 Bayonetta 2.0, and not in a good way. Very toxic and unfair. At least they're hot tho.
attack on titan keep reaching a new height with each episode, aaa I can't wait another week for a new episode at this point
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I've just finished organizing music files from a music Humble Bundle I purchased a while ago (putting in specific themed playlists, deleting from playlists, deciding which games they'll be used for. etc.). I'm feeling pretty confident that the sound design for my games will be up to high standards. Sound design seems to be relatively under-discussed as a topic in game development imo.

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