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  1. Venjjeance

    VisuStella (SkillsStatesCore) Skill Cost Question

    Hello, I am trying to using VisuStella's Skills States Core to replicate a nod to Final Fantasy's Gil Toss for a money toss skill. I have the damage formula worked out on the skill side but I'm not entirely certain how to input the cost formula on the plugin side. I'm trying to use the FF5...
  2. Venjjeance

    Squalls Gunblade Attack From FF8.

    In your video, you mention to set the attack formula as shown but the $gameTemp.tas_power part is cut off. What is the full formula supposed to look like? EDIT: ohh wait, after reviewing the note tags more it's (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2) * ($gameTemp.tas_power).. correct?
  3. Venjjeance

    Looking for Kaus Ultimate Overly

    Woah, no good. Thank you both for the insight. I will definitely go look up Orange Overlay!
  4. Venjjeance

    Looking for Kaus Ultimate Overly

    Hello, Back with another request, I'm working on doing some parallax mapping via tutorial and Kaus Ultimate Overlay is being used as part of it. I tried following the link provided but it seems the upload for the plugin has since been broken. I tried doing a small search around for it and can't...
  5. Venjjeance

    Soulxregalia's Cathedral System (from Log Horizon)

    Well, seeing as I hadn't previously know this prior to the request I'm not really interested in obtain openly plagiarized content as such. I will be happy coming up with an alternate solution.
  6. Venjjeance

    Soulxregalia's Cathedral System (from Log Horizon)

    Ohh yeah, I have seen the name SoulPour777 attached as well. I wasn't aware they were bootlegging other peoples work. This is very unfortunate and I would have to agree with your sentiment. Thank you for the information, I wouldn't want to use such content in that manner either.
  7. Venjjeance

    Soulxregalia's Cathedral System (from Log Horizon)

    Hello, A bit late to in the game with getting into RPG Maker MV. Currently working on a game that was going to have a respawn system and I happened across Soulxregalia's Cathedral System which sounded exactly like what I wanted to do. Unfortunately the site seems to be dead now and the only...
  8. Venjjeance

    Picture Not Erasing

    Wow.... I'm dumb, o_O. Thanks! Not idea how I missed it set it to 100. Could've sworn it said 1, must've got set to 100 somehow when I was messing around. Either way, issue resolved
  9. Venjjeance

    Picture Not Erasing

    Hello, I'm messing around with setting up a very basic "intro", so to speak. I have a blank / black map with Trigger set to Autorun. Character transparency is ON. When the "New Game" is started, it goes to the black screen and I have an event that runs "Show Picture". Then it does a "Show...
  10. Venjjeance

    Restart Battle Element (during battle)

    Hello, I had an idea for a skill ability I would like to use but not exactly sure how possible it is or difficult it may be to implement (if possible). To give an example of how this may work, I will use the idea I had for it in a game I am currently working on. In my game there will be a bard...

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