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  1. Remove status effect with equipment change

    Yes How does it work? I checked the page, it says Passive States plugin can add a status effect but it doesn't mention anything about removing it.
  2. Remove status effect with equipment change

    Bump, still need help :)
  3. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Edit: Please disregard the last capability issue report, apparently updating the plugin to the latest not-plus version fixed it. I will test it again tomorrow. Capability issue with Olivia State tooltip display is still not fixed. I am willing sponsor a copy if that can get them fixed :)...
  4. RMMV Need help with Moghunter Action Name plugin

    Hello, I need help with Moghunter action name plugin. Is it possible to edit the icon position so it's always a few pixels in front of the action name regardless of skill name length? The plugin has an option to edit icon position Y, but it's for fixed position. In other words, if I edit the...
  5. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Found another possible glitch. Hover on event cursor change only applies to events with an image. If the event has no image the cursor wont change. This plugin also doesnt support yanfly event hitbox resize.
  6. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    This plugin seems to have compatability issues with the following plugin: 1) MadeWithMv (official plugin): When MadeWithMv picture appeared, cursor movement lags a little. 2) YEP_CommonEventMenu: When Common Event Menu is opened on top of another event with "hover on event cursor change"...
  7. Display All Status Icons

    Thanks. I made it work by inserting your code into any other plugin that changes Window_BattleStatus.prototype.
  8. Display All Status Icons

    Doesn't work: With your code I got 3-4 icons showing in the window instead of 2, but the MP bar gets cut off. If I turn on Yanfly Core Engine only 2 icons show even with extra space in the status window.
  9. Display All Status Icons

    Hello, If I want to shrink actor HP/MP instead of actor names, which code should I use? Do you have a script for it?
  10. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Is this correct?
  11. Remove status effect with equipment change

    In battles, is it possible to remove a status effect if the character changes equipment?
  12. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Hi, I followed your video but I cant get hover on event to work. What went wrong?
  13. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Thank you, I just want to know if MV can do animated cursor and hover on events, and if hover on events can be turned off on different pages.
  14. Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    So the plus version only works in MZ? :esad:
  15. Re-investing your game's profits to generate more profits - discussion

    It is the general rule for most games, but there are often exceptions to this rule. There are many "slow sell" games in the history that became successful an year after or later. That being said, games like this were successful because it created topics for discussions, not because the game...
  16. Recommended games to learn from?

    If you are looking for traditional JRPG(not horror/adventure/VN), my favorite one in terms of technical aspect is めまぐるしき世界にて. This game is extremely polished when it comes to plugin use and asset choices. The battles are fast paced and fun with...
  17. A way to show balloon icons for interactable events

    Hello, I am looking for a way to show icons above characters head when they get close to interactable event, but "show balloon" command doesn't work well because the game will continue to show balloon even after player leave the region until the animation is over. Is it possible to show balloon...
  18. Undecided on whether or not to include combat

    I like Silent Hill/JRPG hybrid, personally. I also like combat in horror games, but I prefer different mechanics from generic JRPG combat: so no endless resources focusing on exposing weakness. I'm thinking it could be a good idea to utilize heavy text based descriptions to convey the survive...
  19. RMMV Looking for menu transition/fade plugin

    It does not have an error message, it just plays weird sound then the window closes by itself.

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