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  1. ZServ

    RMMV Ephemeral Tale [Available in Early Access!]

    An inevitable end. An unstoppable beginning. Where another story ends, yours is just getting started. Ephemeral Tale is a classically inspired RPG for the modern age, featuring hand-crafted dungeons, classic JRPG-style combat, and a loot-driven progression system. Goals: The core design goal...
  2. ZServ

    Return # of equips of certain type?

    I.E., you have 5 helmets in your inventory. Is there a quick way to count how many there are, including duplicates? I'm pretty sure you can, but I'm not sure where to find the details on the various equip types in order to do such a thing.
  3. ZServ

    Array assigning itself where it isn't wanted?

    I'm using arrays to create a random chest generation system. The idea is that the base array looks like this: // Create Array tmpArr = [false, 6, false, 6, false, 6, false, 6, false, 6, false, 6, false, 6]; // chest 1, loc, 2, loc, 3, loc, 4, loc, 5, loc, Ext1, loc, Ext2, loc // Save Array to...
  4. ZServ

    Setting Actor HP?

    I'm trying to adjust Actor's HP so that it scales with various buffs/debuffs. Here's the general gist: Actor1 has an MHP of 100 They have 70 HP If they have a debuff that makes MHP 75%, their HP should scale down to 35. If it's a buff that makes it 200%, then it should be 140 HP. What I'd like...
  5. ZServ

    Health Gating/Limit Damage based on parameters?

    Hey there! I'm looking for a conversion of a smallscript I had used during a VX Ace project. Small script, can be found below: HEALTH_GATING_PERCENT = 60 HEALTH_GATING_SWITCH = 487 class Game_Actor < Game_Battler def make_damage_value(user, item) super(user, item) # If a skill that...
  6. ZServ

    Change damage color by source (Physical, Magic, Heal, etc)

    More or less, the idea for this plugin would be to use the different parts of Damage.png (found in img/system) based on the source of damage. To clarify this into very simple terms: I'd like to make HP Damage instead be Physical damage, and MP Damage be magical damage. The reasoning behind...
  7. ZServ

    Damage.png system image asset standards

    Heya! Just looking for information on the asset standards for the Damage.png. Not listed in the manual, and a google search brought up nothing as well. I've unfortunately had zero luck myself, either.
  8. ZServ

    YEP_SkillCore won't apply KO state if YEP_BattleEngineCore exists

    The title pretty much covers things. Making a skill that kills the user, but heals their allies to full HP. Using YEP_SkillCore (Found here) to apply the KO state like so: <Pre-Damage Eval> user.addState(1); </Pre-Damage Eval> Works fine, until the YEP_BattleEngineCore (found over here) is...
  9. ZServ

    [Ace] Shifting BattleStatusAid stuff in Yanfly Battle Engine

    Hey all, got an annoying.. I hesitate to call it a bug, but circumstance, nonetheless. My project has two party members. I'm adjusting the UI accordingly. See here: But, Yanfly's Battle Engine has Window_BattleStatusAid inherit its alignments from Window_BattleStatus, which is how I've...
  10. ZServ

    How to check for criticals in Yanfly Battle Engine?

    Hey there! I'm using a version of Yanfly's Battle Engine, with small modifications for my project. Nothing that would change how this in particular would work, anyhow. So, what I'm curious about, is how can I check if a hit is critical? I've used his screen shake snippet for some minor stuff...
  11. ZServ

    Get number of active battlers?

    Hey there, I was curious if there was a way to get the number of battlers active built in to the engine, or if a work around would be needed? I.E., you're fighting a troop of Wolf, Wolf, Slime. The Slime is dead, so the # of active battlers is 2.  Wolf, Wolf, Slime, but Slime isn't dead would...
  12. ZServ

    Battle Transitions for VX Ace

    Simple stuff. Made some BattleStarts. Put 'em into Graphics -> System. I'm releasing these, and any future ones I put into this thread as CC BY 4.0. More info can be found here:
  13. ZServ

    How to make an enemy disappear in-battle without impacting names?

    There's a boss battle I'm making where enemies appear, then disappear. So, Enemy A appears. Couple turns later, Enemy A disappears. Couple turns later, Enemy B appears. Couple turns later, Enemy B disappears. Couple turns later, Enemy C appears, couple turns later, Enemy C disappears. This...
  14. ZServ

    Change a Pictures location on the Z axis?

    Looking for a way to change a pictures location on the Z axis. There's a series of images I'm overlaying onto battlebacks to achieve different effects, but they overlay over the enemy battlers, as well. I'm hoping to change that by changing the Z axis location, but can't seem to figure out how...
  15. ZServ

    Removing Parameters from Yanfly Shop Options?

    Hey there! I'm looking to remove some parameters from the Shop Options script, found HERE. From what I've gathered, the parameters are shown via this snippet: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # draw_item_stats...
  16. ZServ

    Heal + Revive via a single Item/Skill?

    Hey there! I've been trying to find a way to make my Heal skill be multiple purpose, in the way that if someone is dead, it revives them + gives the heal, or just gives the heal if they are alive. However, because you can only target an ally who is either alive OR dead, I'm not certain that I'm...
  17. ZServ

    Print Battle Log to Text File

    Hey there! Looking for a script that would print the battle log to a text file in the games folder. Mainly for number crunching purposes. I've attempted to write this myself, but to no avail. Here's the snippet I have thus far: class Window_BattleLog < Window_Selectable module PrintToFile...
  18. ZServ

    Remove MaxMP from Yanfly Shop Options?

    Script can be found here. I tried the below snippet, but I can't seem to figure out the right configuration: class Window_EquipStatus < Window_Base #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # overwrite method: draw_item...
  19. ZServ

    Index order

    Index uses party members first, yes? So, if you have 4 party members, the first enemy would be Index 5? Or am I misunderstanding this? Is Index only the "applicable" targets? Sorry for such a bare post, but I've confused myself here, and can't find any information on if Index is the applicable...
  20. ZServ

    How to determine enemies health percentage and compare with another enemy?

    So, basic run down is a fight where one enemy will heal someone in the enemy troop with the lowest health in percent. Figured, alright, so take HP, divide by MHP, do that for each troop member and compare the results, using conditionals for targeting. Simple enough. Well, if you divide HP by...

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