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  1. Anthony D

    Khas Advanced Lighting V 3.1 - Error

    I am seeking help understanding what I'm doing wrong, and how to fix this problem. I encounter the following error message when a map using this plugin is loaded. The problem seems to only happens when I input the following command (I was following Khas' tutorial, which is odd). The...
  2. Anthony D

    Hunting board quest giving à la FF12

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured you guys sound like a helpful bunch and wouldn't chew me out too much if I dun goofed posting where I shouldn't. So here goes: As the name suggests, I want to be able to hand out side quests through an event, similar to the hunting board in FFXII...
  3. Anthony D

    DUNGEON : puzzles/events involving gnomes (need ideas)

    SETTING: A heavily forested mountain (think of a national park). It is Summer, and it has been raining abundantly for the past week or so, making the climbing very treacherous. OBJECTIVE: The player needs to make it to the summit with the help of 7 gnomes that inhabit said mountain. WHAT I'M...
  4. Anthony D

    [SOLVED] Specific event placement reset without leaving map

    I want to create an event that will make a car rush past every time the protagonist tries to step on the street (see attached picture). The issue here is not making an event that will activate once, but having it repeat over and over as necessary. Ideally this is what would happen: 1-Hero...

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