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  1. Quimey

    RMMV Hime Menu Manager automatically hides my 'Quest' tab from my Menu

    Hi, there! I'm currently using YEP_QuestJournal and recently added the Hime Menu Manager Plugin to my game. However, I noticed it disables my 'Quest' and 'Music' tab from my game's menu. It seems it only accepts the activation/deactivation of the traditional options such as 'Item'...
  2. Quimey

    RMMV How to let the player open the Game Menu but not the Equip window?

    Hello! I hope I'm posting in the right forum! So my problem is that I want to make the player be able to open the Game Menu to save the game, check on the current quest objectives, etc... BUT, at that specific point of the game where I'm at, I don't want the player to be able to access the...
  3. Quimey

    How could I animate this event?

    Hi, there! I know it's a silly question, but I'm currently struggling by animating this event (The Player will be the target to animate) This is the graphic: I want to animate it from left to right in every single row since it's in order. How does my "Set movement Route" should look like...
  4. Quimey

    [Parallax Mapping] Photoshop resizes my images when exported

    Hi, there! I have been making over 100 parallax maps for my game, but something went wrong in the last two of them. I'm using OrangeOverlay Plugin for my game's parallax maps. Yesterday, I exported my Parallax image, light, par and shadow to their respective folders, BUT, when I tested the...
  5. Quimey

    How could I event a Player Falling a cliff (and give him maneuverability)

    Hi, there! I'm currently developing a scene that I want to be playable. The scene consists of a player sliding down a cliff and avoiding obstacles (Rocks/Stalagmites) that on contact would harm the player. I want to event the player to permanently slide down, and make him able to move ONLY...
  6. Quimey

    Is it wise to publish your commercial game to several sites?

    I am currently developing a commercial game on RPG Maker MV. My original plan was to publish my game on STEAM. I was wondering if it is wise and marketing-friendly to publish my game on Steam and other platforms. Or is it better to have some sort of exclusivity? In which way will it sell more...
  7. Quimey

    [SOLVED] Cant get an event to harm my player

    Hi! I'd like to know what is wrong with this event? I want it to cause harm to the player once he touches this 'Fire'. When I touch it, it doesn't do anything to the HP What am I doing wrong? What has to be done? Here's a Screenshot: PS: I've also tried with 'Player Touch' Trigger.
  8. Quimey

    Enemy not attacking when his turn

    Hello! I have a problem when trying to create a new enemy (I have plenty already) I created a new 'ENEMY' and set the Action Patterns to use magic skills as his regular battle attacks. But when I start the Battle Processing with the aforementioned enemy and is his turn, he just doesn't attack...
  9. Quimey

    RMMV Event run once an Npc steps into a specific map coordinate

    Hello! I was just wondering if there was some sort of plugin to activate an event once a "NPC" reaches certain coordinate in the game map. As simple as that, hehe.
  10. Quimey

    Looking for Generator Parts - Leather Armor/Fur Armor

    Hello! I was wondering if someone could make, or have seen around there the following generator parts: - Fur Armor - Leather Armor - Armor made out of animal pelts Picture References: I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this! Thank you!!
  11. Quimey

    Sideview Battle Characters Animations - How to achieve that?

    Hey, there! I'm currently trying to make my Game Battles a little bit more dynamic. By that, I mean that I want to know how to make my character to perform an animation when attacking or using a skill. For Instance: I've seen in many sideview battle scenes that when the player uses a sword...
  12. Quimey

    RMV - Enemy damaged by a specific weapon type - How can I do this?

    Hello! I just wanted to know how could I create an enemy that gets damaged only by a specific weapon. For Instance: I want to create a battle scene where the enemy is in the 'high ground' using ranged attacks to hit the player. And I want that the only 'Possible Way' of hitting that enemy is...
  13. Quimey

    RMMV [SOLVED] Shutdown Game Option - Game Menu

    Hi, there! I've been looking for a plugin that allows players to quit the game. This is to prevent the player to use ALT+F4 to shutdown the game (Specially in my case since I'm using a fullscreen plugin) I would like it to be only for the ESC Menu since I have a Title Screen Plugin and I...
  14. Quimey

    RMMV [SOLVED] Yanfly Quest Journal Issue - Quests not showing up

    Hey, there! Well, basically my problem is that I'm using Yanfly's Quest Journal Plugin; and when I create a first quest and then I use the pugin command to Show the Quest in the Journal, 'Plugin Command Quest add 1' it doesn't show up, even though it marks that there is a quest available...
  15. Quimey

    SERVICE Mapper / Parallax Mapper for projects

    Hi, there! I am here to offer my services as a mapper for any RPG Maker MV project. I enjoy working with Parallax Mapping, and despite I'm not the best mapper out there, I consider myself very good at map design. Here are some examples of the latest maps I've made: I use the Parallax...
  16. Quimey

    RMMV Puzzle Minigames Plugin - Request

    Hey there! I am currently developing a game which has several dungeons on it, however I just don't want to add random encounters after the player walks certain amounts of steps, just... no. I want to make them more dynamic and probably set some traps, etc... So I thought, why not having...
  17. Quimey

    Orange Overlay - My light layer is invisible, HELP

    Hello, there! Well my issue is quite simple, but at the same time it's keeping me from progressing in my game. I'm using the Orange Overlay plugin, and -as you may know- you can have several layers in a Parallax Map, such as: Shadow Light Par (The Overlay) Ground Not long ago I learned...
  18. Quimey

    [SOLVED] Whose tiles/resources are these?

    Hello, I am currently developing a small commercial game and I just came across some RPG Maker MV tiles in my computer, so I was wondering whose tiles are these and if they can be used commercially for free. (With the proper credits to the creator, of course): Thank you in advance!
  19. Quimey

    Orange Overlay Animation Problem

    Hello, there! I've been wanting to animate my Parallax Maps in my project, and "Tsukitsune Animated Overlay Addon" seemed like the perfect option. It is an addon to the original Orange Overlay Plugin, which by the way, works perfectly. The problem is that I do as the plugin instructs to...
  20. Quimey

    [SOLVED] I need help - Parallax Mapping

    Hello! I'm not quite sure if this is the right forum I should be posting this, if not, please move accordingly. Thanks! I am currently working on a Parallax Map for my game. As I was trying to draw a path, I couldn't, since when I try to use a dirt pattern (In Photoshop) with the 'Pattern Stamp...

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