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  1. Zion

    RMMV The Treasure of the Moonlight Lake (RTP Contest Winner)

    Hello there, at the german forums, we had a contest in august and september about making a game with some set rules. I present the winner of this contest. This is the original contest and this is the winner's choice I thought it would be fun to create a game just with the RTP. As I own most...
  2. Zion

    Seegurkotchi - Sea Cucumber Pet Simulator OUT NOW!

    Hello my friends, it's me again! And this time, I bring you a... Sea cucumber! Actually, a sea cucumber pet simulator. Inspired by the Tamagotchi, the good x4JiinX (german forums) and the great WIZO! For all those who always wanted to have a sea cucumber as a pet! Genre: Pet Simulation...
  3. Zion

    Yanfly Button Common Event & Yanfly Keyboard config not working

    Hi there, I have the exact same problem as mentioned in this thread: Unfortunately, it seems nobody had an answer to this question. As I don't wanna necro the old...
  4. Zion

    Help with Iavra Localization

    Hi there, I found this plugin: But I really don't know how to use it. For example: What is an instance of text.test? How do I define this in my game? Where do I put the translation and how does it need to be...
  5. Zion

    SRD Translation Engine is showing the opposite option

    Hi! Currently, I am testing SRD Translation Engine if I can use it to translate my game more easily. I am a little confused if I am using it correctly so I made a new empty project with only this plugin running. The default (or source) language of my game is german and I want to provide...
  6. Zion

    Yanfly Gamepad Plugin - showing up as "undefined"

    Hey there, hope you can help me. I realized there is a gamepad plugin by Yanfly, but I can't get it to work. I made a new empty project for testing, and it's the same problem. In the testing project, I only use Yanfly Option Core and the Gamepad Plugin with the default options. When I...
  7. Zion

    RMMV A swift's life

    Hi! I'd like to introduce you to my game, "A swift's life". It was created during a competition in the German RPG-Maker-Forum. Meanwhile I translated the game completely into English. This is what you can expect: RPG, short game, survival Playtime: approx. 20-40 minutes Control: mouse...
  8. Zion

    How to call Yanfly Credit Page Plugin from SRD Title Command?

    Hi there, I'd like to combine SRD Title Command Customizer with YEP Credits Page. Thing is, I'm using SRD Credits Plugin as well. Yes, I have two credit pages then. I want to use the second one to display another info. Since I have no experience with JS, I need to know how to call the YEP...
  9. Zion

    Customization of Yanflys Option Core Plugin

    Hi there, I have no experience with JS, so I'm hoping some kind coder can help me :-) I use Yanfly's option core plugin and I'd like to make some custom options in there. How do I use this plugin, what are the commands I need? I created a new option to show where the player can change the...
  10. Zion

    Yanfly Option Core Default Code not working

    I'm trying to set an option in the options menu by default to ON. As I understand correct, I need to do this via the Default Config Code? The help file says: So I picked the always dash option for testing purpose and did the following inside the Default Config Code: But it is not working...
  11. Zion

    Custom options for Yanfly options core

    Hey there, as I understand correctly, you can add custom options to the yanfly plugin options core. But how I do that? Basically, I want to add some options from SumRndmDde "Game Upgrade" plugin. This plugin provides commands like: Let's say I want to add an option to show/hide the game in...
  12. Zion

    Request: animated loading screen

    Hi! I'm looking for a plugin for an animated loading screen, such as this one from here. But I don't want to split the image. I'd like to have several pictures which should be shown in order (or random). Do we have some scripters here who would be willing to help me? :-) @slimmmeiske2...
  13. Zion

    Delete imported items

    Heya, I imported some folders with generator items into GCH PE, but they were for testing purpose only and I want to delete them. If I delete the folders in the library (C:\....\Game Character Hub - Portfolio Edition\items), the software is trying to re-import them every time I start GCH. Also...

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