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  1. Drenz

    Calling Upon Events in Battle?

    Hey everyone! :] It's been a while! Well, I am back in some capacity and am already running into an issue. Haha. So, I want to know is there anyway to have a certain Message of Text show every time a certain skill is used? I have a Mage, whom I wish to have say a conjuring spell of sorts...
  2. Drenz

    Question about battles!

    Hey guys, Drenz here! :] I had a question about how I could make it so when one of my character's use an ability in battle, I can have a text box pop up with a Spell Incantation beforehand. I've looked on the tab for triggers and none of them give you a Spell usage as one of the triggers. I'm...
  3. Drenz

    Hey guys! :]

    Hey everyone! :] My name is Drenz. I've been in the RPG Maker community for almost 17 years. I've been more of an outside party haha, learning the system little by little and enjoying the projects so many have poured their passion into! I now want to be more involved so I decided to create an...
  4. Drenz

    Custom Battle Sets

    Hey guys! My name is Drenz and I was hoping to have a little help with a resource problem I've run into! :] Hopefully this is enough info, but if not, feel free to ask me any extra questions you have! Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide me! Resource Type: Character Battle Set...

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