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  1. Soulrender

    Need guidance with game logo

    After two years of my project development I finally got game title, however I have no idea how to make my current logotype look like in common fantasy game... I am no artist at all and barely know only few tricks in photoshop, so I wanted to ask, what can I possibly do to make my logotype look...
  2. Soulrender

    RMMV GALV's Action indicator and MOG's treasure popup are excluding each other

    Actually topic's title sais everything... Each alone plugin works fine - they serves their purpouse, but together GALV's plugin somehow overrides/disables MOG's plugin... I think it is related to the layers where the icons/text are rendered, but I'm not sure, in other words, if GALV's action...
  3. Soulrender

    Woman's lips

    I don't remember who made those lips, but I'm 100% sure there are here somewhere on this board. The only image I manage to keep as reference is this image: It was whole set of lips with different emotions, some of them where a little "shiny"?, a little innocent and yet...
  4. Soulrender

    Schlagen's extended generator, but...

    Let me start with sad/stupid story, where in the middle of the saturday night (actually it was sunday - 0:13) My windows OS started incredibly slow work, so I decided to reinstall OS. I made backups on my secondary HDD installed in PC, and started installing OS... In preparation screen...
  5. Soulrender

    Activation MV issue

    After terrible disaster that occured few hours ago I needed to reinstal windows and now I want to activate my MV, but after entering data from purchase I'm informed that I don't have internet connection or website is unavailable and try offline activation. However this site from drm launcher -...
  6. Soulrender

    Who made this tile?

    I completing my credits.txt list and I've lost link to author (simply I don't remember) who made those tiles - So... Who made those tiles? I'm 100% sure there are here on this very board available to download.
  7. Soulrender

    RMMV Save Game before battle starts

    It may be silly question, because for single event that initiaties battle I can call this script: var slot = 10; if (!$gameParty.inBattle()){ if (DataManager.lastAccessedSavefileId() !== 0){ $gameSystem.onBeforeSave(); DataManager.saveGame(slot); } } and there is no...
  8. Soulrender

    An (old) U.S. insult question.

    First of all: This topic is not to insult to anyone and it's not to suposed to violate this community rules! But I have a question regarding a sentece that might be potentialy an insult. Lets assume that two persons are arguing about something. Let's call them... Mike and Joe. Mike says...
  9. Soulrender

    Looking for... horizontal gauges, but...

    I'm not looking for just plain horizontal bars with gradient, but something similar to this: But with few restrictions: - Must fit for resolution 1024x576 - Contains bars for Exp, HP, MP and TP - Optional ring for actor's face - MV style optional Thank you in advance
  10. Soulrender

    RMMV Preemptive and surprise attacks

    What I want to do is to change how game calculates preemptive and surprise attacks and what I've done so far, simple for testing purposes: BattleManager.onEncounter = function() { this._preemptive = true; this._surprise = true; }; BattleManager.ratePreemptive = function() { return...
  11. Soulrender

    RMMV Failed to execute 'createLinearGradient' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': The provided double value is non-finite.

    I have strange error in my project, meaning, when the boss uses second time his primary skill wich is set like this Game crashes throwing following error (console log - This happens in test mode and after deployment... At...
  12. Soulrender

    RMMV SRD SuperTools Engine and Super Frame Drop 0_0

    I noticed something weird ... "thing" with plugin mentioned in title and RPG Maker MV 1.6.2, meaning... Whenever this plugin is enabled, regardles of amount other plugins and whetter project is empty or full of stuff - always when I open console game fps drops from stable 60fps to 2~5fps. It's...
  13. Soulrender

    Sound Effects for Cryomancy and Pyromancy

    As title says. I'm looking for sounds related to elemental magic for pyromancy (fire) and cryomancy (ice) preferable free on Creative Common License 3.0+ Thank you in advance. Portals I've already checked: opengameart, zapslat, freesound,, pond5 and audiojungle.
  14. Soulrender

    RMMV Theo's Shake screen fix needed

    @TheoAllen released in May '19 plugin, that upgrades shake screen and it's a great work, but unfourtunately his shake screen function don't work in battles, can someone help me or know how to make this plugin work inside battles? This is link to official release -...
  15. Soulrender

    RMMV Obtain in battle ON SELECTION target name

    I'd like to obtain with script call (for HUD) currently selected battler name. Is there a specific script call for that?
  16. Soulrender

    MV - RPG Maker MV/MZ style armor icons

    As title says. I'm looking for armor icons I could easly merge with IconSet.png ( from system folder. Icons I'm looking for represents following armor types: - Light Armors - Medium Armors (hobnails) - Heavy Armors (knights, paladins, etc) Some default icons already...
  17. Soulrender

    RMMV The Calendar is a lie!

    I wrote some small addition to my project to display date and time in game: /*: * @plugindesc v1.00 adds $gameTime variable to MV project * @desc v1.00 adds $gameTime variable to MV project allowing to display date, time and day of week * @author Soulrender * @help --- * */ var $gameTime =...
  18. Soulrender

    RMMV Read events "Comment" tag

    I tried to do some search, but search engine guided me to missleading answers, so I aks strictly, how can I read events comment field, like Yanfly do in Event Proximity Activate? What for I need it? My game reads all dialouges, skill, items, and armor descriptions from external txt file, but...
  19. Soulrender

    MV new project bug... (???)

    I have started completly new project with new project option in MV and while testing it I noticed player starts walk by himself. I started another one because I thought it could corrupt some core files, but then I realized if some core file would be corrupted test game won't run, but with...
  20. Soulrender

    Scaling Map to Screen Size

    I was wondering is this possible to scale map to screen size, for example: Small maps like this one are centered on screen, surrounded by blackness. That's not look well in actual gameplay, so I was thinking how I can strech map (proportional, complete strech etc) and is this even possible. (Of...

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