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  1. Jefries

    Pokemon Region Names

    Hey everybody. So right to the topic if you were to create a Pokemon game what would you name the region?. I mean we already got the new region name for Pokemon Sun and Moon which is Alola which comes from Aloha obviously :guffaw: :guffaw: . And also I would like to see how creative the...
  2. Jefries

    Changing a Maps ID

    So I'm working in a group right now and we have different mappers. I just want to know if there is a way to change a maps id in RMMV?. I'm asking this so that when we gather the maps they don't overwrite each other because of the map's id.
  3. Jefries

    Custom MV Characters

    So well guys with us having RMMV and a lot of people making a lot of stuff for it I want to take advantage of that. What I mean is since we are getting a lot of bases/animations etc i want to share characters that I've made using generator parts. As for me you don't really have to credit(I would...
  4. Jefries

    Celianna's TileA3 Rooftop Request

    So Hello guys I'm just interested  in a rooftop for Celianna's TileA3 so I just want a rooftop like the rtp wooden one from Outside_C. I'm asking for a rooftop for the woodden one that is marked on the photo. This is no redistributing or whatsoever, I'm just asking for a rooftop so that i can...
  5. Jefries

    Boat Tileset

    So, I've been wanting to have a boat on my game. However, the tiles that first get to me from searching about tilesets for a boat/ship are on vxresourceplanet however, this website is prohibited and so I can't get the tilesets from there. So I just want a boat tileset and if the boat is like...
  6. Jefries

    Repetitive event with more than one graphic

    So Hello guys, In my project right now I currently want to create a place where you can see adventurers practicing their skills on the scarecrow from RMMV (haven't searched for a graphic of a practice dummy). So what happens is that I want for the adventurers to practice their skills for like...
  7. Jefries

    RMMV RTP Werewolf Sprite

    I'm on that point were you plan on having the player fight a monster and you were expecting to show a character sprite to the monster. However, when you are about to search for the graphic for the monster you don't find it. In my case it's this werewolf. So I'm asking for a character sprite for...
  8. Jefries

    Changing the Definition of a Item through the Story

    So hello guys. As of today I would ask how do I change the definition of a item through the story. For example, in my game the player get's to find a hidden stone in a town, however, the player is not supposed to know what the stone is until he asks a old man. But when the player finds the stone...
  9. Jefries

    Toilets/Bathroom Tiles For RMMV

    So since I got RPG Maker MV I'm creating a house in which I think it's like the most innovative one I've created like seriously since I don't have much time because I've jumped from XP to VX Ace and from VX Ace to MV now. I want to ask for a bathroom tileset but not like for the usual ones that...
  10. Jefries

    My First Iconset

    Hey there people, as I'm kind of new to the page but I also want to contribute I made something to share. As of today I just had like the thought of doing some things, and this is how it ended and I think I can say I feel proud of it specially of the little suns,the plant and the one that is...
  11. Jefries

    Positioning a Picture

    Hello, I want to ask of a problem I've been having. The problem is the when I put a picture to show it covers the ones that are talking. Even though I tried changing like the width, height and opacity I just want to change the position of the image. I tried using the constant of x and y but it's...
  12. Jefries

    Ending to an Encounter

    Hello, guys. So straight to the point I'm currently making a project and right now I'm making an encounter between the player(actor 1-1) and another character(Actor 2-3)/Terrence. So the encounter goes like this the player enters a new map, but he sees Terrence trying to kill water spirit(Third...
  13. Jefries


    Hello, I want to ask for anyone that can make faces to create some faces for this guys here. If possible emosets for number 3-5. If done in the way I need it(I mean by time) I would like to have number 4 first since I want to put her right now in the story.
  14. Jefries

    RPG Maker VX Ace Actor 4-5

    Hello, I'm new to the page and I currently have RPG Maker VX Ace. I want to create my story with as most as Mack characters as I can. I already have Actor 1-3 Mack Sprites but not Actor 4 and 5 no matter how much I search I can't get to find them. So does anyone have a page were I can get them...

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