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  1. Steam vs

    Which one better for rpg maker games? And does anyone have tried Epic Game Store?
  2. how to change buff and debuff position

    So I have changed the resolution for my game to 1280x720. Now I want to change the buff location to the left (closer to the actor name). how to change it?
  3. Bored to finish the game development

    What's your trick? I have done maybe 30% contents and kinda bored to finish it lol. I need some motivation
  4. Vehicle event cant move on water

    So i made an event that have boat picture, i set a movement route on water but it cant move. How to make it moving?
  5. Game over bug?

    So i have a battle event, the leader is dead but my other members are still alive. After that i won the battle. The event after battle is running and 5 seconds later, suddenly i got game over pop up. This is only happening when my leader died.
  6. This software needs "redo"feature.

    I just make a big event. and then, I want to cut the event to another place, wanted to press ctrl+x but pressed ctrl+z instead. The event just gone. Is there any way to redo?
  7. Where to get background image?

    For title screen
  8. Is there a plugin that can display multiple buff/debuff at once?

    Like that for example
  9. Tips to show many buff and debuff on battle?

    because of my windows battle width limit, i only can show 3 different buff. What's the best tips to show a lot of buff and debuff(like 10 buff and debuff)
  10. how to show a weak, resist, critical pop up in battle?

    Anyone know?
  11. Set movement route for boat

    Can you do it? I want the boat to have a movement route ( so player can't control it)
  12. Question about terrax lightning plugin

    Can you disable light radius on the player? I just want to set the brightness down.
  13. Buff magic def skill effect not working?

    I have a skill that buff magic def, I put that on the effect tab (Add buff - mag def 3 turns) on skill name. But it seem not working? the magic dmg received still same Here is the enemy skill formula that used to atk ally that have buff a.mat * 21 - b.mdf * 5
  14. Displaying total hit plugin?

    I have seen a youtube video if you atk 5 times, it will show total hit and total atk. can;t find it yet until now, anyone know the name?
  15. How to make an atk unmissable

    I have a magic sword skill, and sometime it can miss. How to make that atk unmissable?
  16. Change currency to icon?

    I have tried to put \I [50] in currency tab but its not working.
  17. How to check if the player have x item?

    So i want to make a mining system. First, I need to check if the player have a pickaxe, if yes then the player can dig stuff. Second, the digging spot will be gone after 3 tries ( after digging 3 times, it cant be digged anymore until player go to worldmap ) Third, the materials that can be...
  18. FSM_Town of beginning ladder problem

    I can't go up to this ladder, how?
  19. Do you like darker dungeon?

    Like terrax plugin style? I personally dont like it tbh. But i want to hear your opinion
  20. Whats your way to test your game playtime?


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