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  1. Events react to other events

    Is it possible to make an event react to other nearby events? Like for example say in a citybuilding game, if events were spawned in from another map, is it possible to set up something so a building event could detect whether it's connected to a road or near enough to a power/water source or...
  2. What are some good puzzle ideas?

    In a survival horror game, what would be some good puzzles relating to these locations? Hotel Mines Sewers Mansion Theatre Hospital Asylum Church
  3. Parallax Issue

    I've been using parallaxes for my maps and I've found some of them have this issue where the image basically loops and I'm not sure how to fix it.
  4. Weapons in a survival horror game

    Can't decide what kind of damage to make weapons deal and what kind of durability each should have in a survival horror game. If they break too easily it could be an issue, but if they don't then the player could become too overpowered for that sort of game. If the damage levels are Low, Medium...
  5. Sprite base

    Looking for feedback on my attempt at doing a sprite base. I think I've got the shading okay and proportions but I don't know if I've drawn it in a way that I can add bones and animate it with Spriter, also not too sure how I'd go about doing the base facing different directions.
  6. Setting actor name with a variable

    I'm using this random name generator plugin ( and it has the ability to store the generated names in variables, but when I've then tried to set an actor name using the variable the name is stored in it doesn't...
  7. Would you buy a game like this? If so, what do you think it should be priced at?

    Being made with: RPGMaker MV Graphic Style: RTP Type of Game: RPG/Tycoon Hybrid About: You play as a wizard pupil who is tasked with opening your mentor's tower to the public, collecting money from them, renovating rooms in the tower, and repopulating it with magical creatures. Planned...
  8. Can games with the rtp style resources sell well?

    So most commercial games I've seen sold from RPGMaker seem to use styles outside of the original rtp, so I was wondering if games using the rtp could do well commercially. I recently bought the PV Medieval resources but I'm finding it a struggle to map with them and the character creator seems...

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