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  1. Stemmer11

    Is there a way to show % values on Item Menu selection screen.

    Hello, I am using Yanfly's Item Core plug in as well as a host of other Yanfly Plug-ins. I am trying to figure out how to get % to show on the item screen when looking through your inventory of Armors, Weapons and Items. I know that when the numbers are entered as fixed numbers (when creating...
  2. Stemmer11

    Looking for Authors/Creators of these tilesets.

    Hello, Was wondering if someone could help identify where these came from on this site (if possible) and/or who the original artist was for these items. I downloaded them both on January 1st 2017, but can not locate them again. I spent the last hour trying many different ways to locate but am...
  3. Stemmer11

    OEM tiles not showing up when starting or running VX ACE

    Bought my daughter VX ACE from Bundle Stars.  Got the code and went to Steam.  Entered the code and downloaded the program through Steam. Bought my daughter a book on VX ACE and started her on the tutorials.  Here is the issue she is having: The tutorials show more tiles then are available...

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