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  1. Events react to other events

    What would the process for that look like?
  2. Events react to other events

    The plan was to have road events spawned but then it seems like the tile swapper will be better
  3. Events react to other events

    I'll give it a go with terrain tags, would I be checking if it's on top of a terrain tag or in front of one?
  4. Events react to other events

    It'd be something like buildings need to be connected to a road and have a power source nearby for populations to move into them, that sort of thing
  5. Events react to other events

    I'd originally planned to do something with regions and omit roads because I figured I could have conditions for if the building is in the same region as a power source. Was just wondering if there was any other ways and ways i might be able to include roads. Might there be any plugins that...
  6. Events react to other events

    The one way I can think of to do it with a parallel process is with variables, so like an X and Y variable for a building and one for the road, but would that work with an event spawner of clones of the same event?
  7. Events react to other events

    Is it possible to make an event react to other nearby events? Like for example say in a citybuilding game, if events were spawned in from another map, is it possible to set up something so a building event could detect whether it's connected to a road or near enough to a power/water source or...
  8. What are some good puzzle ideas?

    Yeah I think it'd be better in Game Ideas and Prototypes
  9. What are some good puzzle ideas?

    I should've mentioned it's an abandoned town so no guests in the hotel, might still be inmates left in the asylum. Was planning on doing something with the hospital morgue but not figured out what yet, either a puzzle or creepy scene.
  10. What are some good puzzle ideas?

    In a survival horror game, what would be some good puzzles relating to these locations? Hotel Mines Sewers Mansion Theatre Hospital Asylum Church
  11. Parallax Issue

    Yeah making the maps bigger and then putting black has worked, thanks
  12. Parallax Issue

    I'll see if I can fix that as it does mostly seem to be on the smaller maps, otherwise might it work better to do overlays with a plugin instead of parallaxes?
  13. Parallax Issue

    They're the same size as the maps, I made them from screenshots
  14. Parallax Issue

    They're all set not to loop so I'm not sure what the issue is, it could be a map size thing but I'm not sure because the parallaxes are the same dimensions as the maps are
  15. Parallax Issue

    I've been using parallaxes for my maps and I've found some of them have this issue where the image basically loops and I'm not sure how to fix it.
  16. Weapons in a survival horror game

    Yeah it might fit better in Ideas and Prototypes
  17. Weapons in a survival horror game

    The plan is a mix of enemies so there are enemies you can kill and enemies that you can't
  18. Weapons in a survival horror game

    The melee weapons I have are; wood plank, kitchen knife, meat cleaver, steel pipe, crowbar, aluminum bat, golf club, tire iron, hammer, pickaxe, shovel, wrench, hatchet, fire axe, double headed axe. I'm just struggling with things like an exact number of how many attacks you could land with a...
  19. Weapons in a survival horror game

    Not sure how long, I'm aiming for anywhere from like 6 to 9 hours, melee weapons will be scattered around in different places. Battles will be somewhat avoidable by stealth or running away, I'm gonna be having an ABS. I'm not having any skills in the game.
  20. Weapons in a survival horror game

    Can't decide what kind of damage to make weapons deal and what kind of durability each should have in a survival horror game. If they break too easily it could be an issue, but if they don't then the player could become too overpowered for that sort of game. If the damage levels are Low, Medium...

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